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1.31.17 Family —

My Uncle is in the hospital. My Mom is handling it as best she can. I just got the phone call tonight. I could hear in her voice before she explained the situation how bad it was. He’s in a lot of pain. My Uncle and I have never gotten along. We are the antithesis […]

1.27.17 A Single Girl’s Lament —

~ a poem ~ Every time I see them on the street, or when they get into my car, I wonder: How did they do it? How did they meet? Do they get along? Are they secretly at each other’s throats? Or are they actually happy? Couples baffle me. Looking back on my love life, […]

Day Pass —

It felt like a rollercoaster going 70mph, and I am just now stepping off. The plan came together quickly and quite out of the blue. I was hanging out with EmberBliss, FireMonkey, and IPCookieMonster when the Open Space at TESFest was mentioned. It was occurring on Thursday July 3rd, the first day of the event, along […]

Hate Fuck —

I don’t want to get back together with my Ex.  I DON’T want to get back together with my Ex.  But there was this moment recently. About a week ago, I had an early morning gig.  The Sun wasn’t even up before I had to start work.  And, me being me, I arrived early.  My Ex […]

New Rule —

OKC boy texted me a video on Saturday.  He was lying in bed, t-shirt on, but naked from the waist down.  His cock was in full view.  He lazed back on his bed watching porn while masturbating. I watched the video, noting how I was somewhat turned on, yet also somewhat turned off. The thought […]

How Will I Meet You? —

Will you be a fellow classmate, concentrated on learning, career oriented, yet we make a connection that lasts beyond school? Will we pass each other at an event, a play party?  Maybe a happy hour or a munch?  Will we get to talking, flirting, and then our lives grow from there? Will it be random?  […]

Wednesday —

It was cold enough that I slept with a hat on, my comforter draped over my face. When I woke up, it was still chilly.  I let myself snooze under my covers for a spell. But then I remembered the book. I’m reading an erotic novel for a book review to be published on this […]

DGG #20 Self Care —

The reason for my long absence and how I’ve gotten through a rather difficult time in my life, with some orgasms and adventures thrown in.   Time Jumps (with fun links included) 1:07 Why I’ve been gone 4:46 the myth of the uber kinkster & uber poly girl 6:22 hook pulls 8:13 soothing activities 8:44 […]

Ironies —

I got the phone call, knew what was going to happen soon.  Knew that there would come a day in my near future where I would live in a world where my father was dead. I put my mug down, my phone down, opened up the door to the Sun Room, closed the door, and […]

Going On —

My Dad died tonight. I haven’t cried yet.  There have been tears, and one bought of wailing, but that all happened when he was still alive.  When he still clung on through labored breaths. I thought I was going to curl up and cry after I got off the phone.  I talked to my Mom […]