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4.7.17 Triad_02 —

~ a story, in many parts ~ To feel the pull of destiny is to stop dead in your tracks, to have the world melt away into instinct and need. To understand our love, and our lives, is to know magic beyond even our comprehension. ~ It was a warm May day when Edwin and […]

1.6.17 Recounting —

~ erotica ~ One (the Meanie) liked pain, both giving and receiving. His favorite part was the sounds. Screams or moans, it didn’t matter. He wanted to hear reactions. He liked it when I begged for his cane, then shrieked from his blows. I liked the black and blue mementos of our evenings. Two (the […]

Spank Bank 1.3: Action —

~ erotica ~ The door muffled the music, but couldn’t stop the thumping through the floor or in the walls. It was a sparse room, though fitting for the 250 person venue. An old leather couch. A few chairs around a card table. Coffee maker and hot water kettle on a cart. A desk-high dressing […]

Famished —

~ erotica ~ “It is a rare beauty that can keep her fairness whilst drenching her face in tears.” Angelica gasped, and grasped the letter she’d been reading to her chest, while turning to look at her intruder. “How long have you been standing there?” A wicked smile emerged on his face. Angelica folded the […]

He Likes Feet —

~ erotica ~ “May I?” “Um, okay.” I laid across his couch, and across him, as we watched Hulu. It was a cold evening, his house a bit chill, so I hadn’t thought about taking off my boots. But then he asked, gesturing at the leather in his lap. “You don’t have to unlace them. […]

DGG# 21 Sexy Shameless Plugs —

Happy to be back with my first podcast in quite some time.  I think the result is well worth the wait.  Time jumps listed below… 0:00 Over 18 disclaimer and intro music 0:50 Long time no podcast 1:40 Seattle Grue 3:00 RambleGrue 4:05 DO Surrender 5:00 Random back pedally moment 6:05 Brain Lingerie 9:30 Speak […]

End of the Line —

For the greater part of this year I have been participating in Alison Tyler’s Smut Marathon, a merry war of words between smut writers to see who can last the longest. I’m sad to say today marked the end of the line for me.  I lasted longer than most, longer than I initially thought I […]

Encounter —

~ erotica ~   “Does it include my name?” “No.” “Then post it.” I found myself wrapped up in thoughts of our encounter for days after it occurred. As I laid in bed at night, I’d dwelled on the memories. His hand on my face, my neck. Squeezing, just for a moment, then letting go. […]

A Slut and Her Sir —

~ erotica ~   “I missed you.” “I missed you too, Sir.” She kept her eyes downcast, but let the beginning of a smile creep to the edges of her lips. It had been far too long since a slut had seen her Sir. Too long since she’d smelled the earthy wonderful of his scent, […]

The View —

~ erotica ~   I always see her, even when she doesn’t see me. It’s easy for her to overlook my pressed suit and subdued tie. Hospitals are busy places. Few of the staff take notice of the head of security. She’s the best in her class. Everyone knows it, including her. The scrubs she […]