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Kidnapped —

~ erotica ~{Trigger Warning: This is a rape fantasy.} I carried my backpack over my shoulder, beleaguered from my long day and night’s work. Though there were few contents, it still felt heavy, weighing me down as I tried to walk home. I knew this path, this way I took every day or night. My […]

Ever —

~erotica~ Ever let your mind wander… Ever ride public transportation, look at the people around you, and ponder what they’re thinking about? Their shitty day? What they have planned for their night? The person sitting next to them? The person they want next to them? You? Ever catch eyes with someone and question what they […]

Dick —

~ erotica ~ There were many words he could’ve used to describe it. Phallus was a strong choice, but to him it seemed too clinic. Shaft held gravitas but didn’t match his style. Instead he loved to call it his cock. “You like it when my cock is jammed up inside you like that? My […]

Fuck Me, Please —

~ erotica ~The first time I asked you to fuck me was when we first met. You had this bright look in your eyes, a wide smile, and you shook my hand firmly when we were introduced. I found that refreshing. You were treating me as an equal, even though I was the new girl […]

CCon Fantasy —

~ erotica ~ The beginnings of this story happened while I was in bed at CatalystCon, awake Sunday morning, even though I didn’t want to be, horny beyond reprieve, trying to find a way to calm my passion filled body and mind. Enjoy…~ He hovered behind me, the heat of his body increasing the wetness […]

A Small Town Affair (part four) —

~ erotica ~I left my sandals on his back porch. I left the sliding glass door open, my wet foot prints across his wooden floor trailing behind me. I dropped my shirt at the beginning of the hallway, my skirt at the end. I unhooked my bra and let it dangle at my fingertips as […]

Good Morning —

~ erotica ~ Sunlight shone through the large window in my room, breaking my night’s rest with the brightness of the morning. Even before the light annoyed my eyes open, I felt his body next to mine, his arm still across my middle, his hand still lightly holding onto my cunt, my head still nuzzled […]

What Do You Want —

~ erotica ~ So many people. So many things happening. Equipment like I’d never seen before. Outfits, costumes, shoes, and boots that looked so glamorous yet so terrifying. Naked people flitting about. Fucking any and everywhere in whatever manner you could imagine. And the things they used. The screams and wails coming from people’s lips. […]

Ready —

~ erotica ~ “How good is your control?” I asked him. I was sleepy, having just woken up from his good morning text. His early job meant he’d been awake for several hours already. I was used to this nudge from my slumber. Even though I was only half awake, I still liked texting him […]

Yours —

~ erotica ~ Just so that you know, because I think you forget this: I always, at any given moment, want you to fuck me. Whether it’s in my mouth, all over my face, between my breasts, sliding over my clit, or pounding my pussy just right, I always want your cock inside me. Any […]