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A Good Start —

cytotec online Today I took my brother to a sex shop. No, I am not joking. Yes, my brother. Yes, a sex shop. With dildos and lube and clothes and videos. A sex shop. Really, it was necessary. Since I’ve known and viewed him as an adult, he’s been very sexually repressed, casting judgements on his predilections, […]

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Building Community —

In the middle of my Ropen Space, I found myself drawn to a large circle of people in the main room. As part of the unconference process, this open area was kept in case a class ran long and needed more time. For Lochai’s Community Building discussion, the space was invaluable. I had not attended […]

Honor Thy —

My mother and aunt are driving me nuts…Bringing up my Ex; being mean to the waiter; and fucking old pet names…Fuck, and they just brought up religion and how I don’t call enough. – my texts to a friend during my Mom’s special dayIt is a cliche to say that parents drive their adult children […]

Not Another Doormat —

“I keep accepting these little pieces of people, and being so incredibly happy with them, which I think is incredibly shitty. It is so much like my mother, and I don’t want that. A friend recently told me I keep settling for small bites when I should be demanding the whole entree.”“Yes, but first you […]

My Swirly Brain —

Our brains are funny things. In our attempts to avoid pain, we can in fact cause more anguish. In my last session with Doc, we ended up talking about my father, a lot. I have mixed emotions surrounding my Dad. I love him, but some of his choices for my life were not the best. […]

More Important —

Hanging out with the roommates and their kids was more important than writing. I had spent a little time with the kids before work on Saturday, and had opted to fill my unexpectedly free Saturday night with adult activities. I wanted to spend time with them and the roommates. I wanted to hear their stories […]

My Sweet Banana —

“I love you, my sweet banana. That’s what my mother called you when you were a baby.” I was five months old when my grandmother died. I’ve seen photos, and have been told I look like her. I have no memory of her at all, though. The one lasting impression she left on me was […]

Thankful —

This past Thanksgiving was the first time the actual dinner was hosted at my home. My previous years were spent with extended family at their houses. Over the course of my life, my final destination for each Thanksgiving has changed with the passing of older relatives and the development of my own adult life. We […]

Race Checked —

I, at times, choose to be naive about the world.  I don my rose colored glasses and skip through my days trying to not think about the woes of our existence.  I make myself forget the crap-tastic nature of things and live with hope and glee for those around me.  But there is always some […]

Right Now —

What to write? Well, I could always write a re-cap of my camp experience, which, trust me, you would love reading.  And I would love writing.  And maybe I’ll do that later.  But right now, I just kinda want to blabber about how I feel in this specific moment and time.  And yes, it will […]