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Trust —

~ erotica ~   “So, you like fear play.” His hand held my hair, pulling my head back towards him.  His lips grazed my ear.  I felt the heat of his breath as he spoke.  One of my hands had found his leg; the other, fingers splayed open, hung at my side.  He held his […]

Beating —

The Cabaret had just ended. There was a crush of people in the hall. A slow lumbering line out of the main dungeon. I was excited, anxious, at what awaited me. He stood at the first aid table. When I arrived, he looked me up and down. “Am I ripping that off of you?”“Uh, no.” […]

Go See Loopers —

Go see Loopers. GO. SEE. LOOPERS. Gray wanted to see a movie to help with his event drop, his normal salve to ease the pain. When spit balling on what movie to see while I drove us away from camp, he suggested Loopers. I had vaguely heard of it, but was mostly ambivalent about the […]

Location, Location, Location —

I work for about half a dozen different companies. However, there is one in particular I work for the most. They pay be more per hour and offer me more total hours than any of my other companies (score!). Still, there is one rather large downside to this particular arrangement: the location of the company’s […]

Irrational —

I am contemplating sleeping with my lamp on tonight. As I undressed, I thought I heard something fall downstairs in the kitchen. I always leave my bedroom door open as I disrobe at night, allowing some air into my normally stagnant room. I was…am spooked. When I quietly walked to the bathroom, I took my […]

Being Happy Alone —

You’d think by now I’d know how to do this. In my almost twenty-nine years on this earth, I have spent by far more of my time uncoupled and alone than with someone. And yet… During my last session with Doc, he talked about how everyone on this Earth has two basic fears. 1- Not […]

Grandma’s House —

~a nightmare~ His teeth were yellow, with random spots of brown. His breath stank of liquor, which kind I couldn’t tell. He held his shot gun in his right hand as he leaned against the door frame. “Why wasn’t I lucky. Passing by, and seeing your lights on.” The front door had a large window […]

The Journey Home —

My journey in rope has not always been easy. In fact, most times, it’s been downright brutal. Being around people who know so much more than me, have done it so much longer than I have, and all of them having such faith in me…It’s just so fucking intimidating. I’ve said it before: it often […]

Bye For Now, Hello Minnesota —

It was wet, misting. DeepEnd arrived at 4am, just as we had planned. I hopped into his car and we were off. As we traveled down the interstate, we chatted about random things. At 4:30am he exited, taking his normal way to the airport.NIGHTLY ROAD CLOSURE 8PM-5AMHmm… He tried going anyway. Seeing a cop in […]

Fear Play —

As people meandered out of Gray’s class, N3rddom took Nomad up to meet him. Gray remarked how he liked her name, noting that he was the NYR Cabin Nomad. With little time left before I had to run off to do more sound stuff, I approached Gray and confirmed our play date for the evening. […]