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Studio 58 —

I hadn’t been to the space in quite some time. Drama and yuckiness aside, my life has been far too busy to fathom going out to a random Saturday night party at any play space, let alone the one I found myself in this past Saturday night. But there was more than one draw that […]

Winning —

“Your blogs have been pretty intense lately.”Yeah, about that… I realize as of late that my entries have been heavy. Life, contemplating my place in this world, how I got here and where I’m going, heavy. And I realize that is not what one would instantly expect from this blog. Don’t get me wrong, and […]

Fire Hug —

The night was cool, cooler than any other since we’d arrived at camp on Wednesday. It was the last night of Rope Camp; it felt fitting that it be spent by the fire. Elf had prepared the wood earlier and now tended the flames while a smattering of people sat on the benches around him. […]

Enemy Of Love —

They asked us to give voice to our enemy. Name it. What kept us all from love? Symbolized by a wood carving pulled around the fire, people confronted their enemy. They gave it a name. They shouted, screamed, cursed at it. I stood on the edge of the circle, barely able to contain myself. I […]

Blood —

They gave a warning for the squeamish before they began. I, with a front row seat, wasn’t going anywhere. Chey laid face down on the table to my right. Stefanos prepared his tools for the demo: a glass fire cup, his fire wand, a lit tea candle, a cup of alcohol, and a scalpel. Working […]

Fire Bug —

“Who won Rock Paper Scissors today?”“Oh, I gave up on on that.”“Why?”“He kept winning.” “Sixteen people have witnessed you say I’m the Master.” “Fucking in panda suits; I should look at porn more often.”First, there was the lecture portion. Chey and Stefanos talked about basic fire safety. “Fire play is edge play. Unless you’re Pyro, […]