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Studio 58 —

I hadn’t been to the space in quite some time. Drama and yuckiness aside, my life has been far too busy to fathom going out to a random Saturday night party at any play space, let alone the one I found myself in this past Saturday night. But there was more than one draw that […]

Delayed —

Originally I was to pickup MissAmyRed from the airport at 9:30am Thursday morning. When I woke up, though, I was greeted to a series of unfortunate text messages. Amy’s original flight was delayed and, because of this she, had missed her connection. After a confusing number of steps and alternate plans created and then thrown […]

Wednesday Night —

My Wednesday evening at Fusion had the feel of a real vacation. I wandered around campus, stopped and chatted with folks, drank a little, and had an overall chill time. The majority of my time spent in any one place that day happened at the Baekry, a collective of friends who welcomed me in. I […]

Helpful —

“Happy to be helpful.” is a phrase I often toss out when people thank me for my assistance. I hope I never sound flippant when I say it because I truly mean it. I like being helpful towards the people I care about. To start my Fusion, I was a defacto shuttle service for my […]

No Expectations —

I didn’t go into the party expecting to play.  The invitation promised good food, tasty drinks, and friends.  That’s all I needed.  Still, I dressed cute and literally let my hair down, an act I don’t often do. People were slow to arrive, but the house eventually filled up with some of my favorite people.  […]

Memories —

The first night of Rope Camp featured Midori’s Meat Market, a fun little event to introduce folks to one another and start the dialogue for play. After the get together concluded, I eased my way over to Rough.  He was showing off his Fat Ass Rope, and I wanted a taste of the experience.  I […]

A Visit —

If it is ok with you, I would like to crash with you Friday night.   Originally I didn’t plan to go to Hot House.  It was scheduled for a Saturday evening, typically a night I work.  In fact, I had scheduled a ten hour shift for that very night.  But more than one friend […]

30 —

  I awoke, my head on Gray’s chest, my body curled up next to him. And then it hit me. I’m 30.  I am 30. I don’t feel any different. Are you suppose to feel different? I’m me.  I’m still me.  Just me, and 30.  Okay, I still feel like me, so let’s go with […]

DGG #17 Dirty Pig pt 2 —

My fantasy, my moments, and my new reality.  The conclusion of my Dirty Pig experience. Time Jumps 1:26 Prep for my fantasy 2:40-5:18 TMI break: Grue Pitt 3 conversation – How to hack a period 5:18 Props and planning 6:23 Words of encouragement 7:43 Setting the stage 8:43 The performance 13:30 Aftercare 14:39 Tifereth’s fantasy […]

DGG #16 Dirty Pig pt 1 —

Nerves, answering a question, bribes, and all the people who helped me. Part one of my competition experience. Time Jumps 1:23 Nerves 3:40 Secret Weapons 6:27 Gray, judge and Sempai 8:59 The Rules 12:19 The show begins 12:54 Introductions 13:57 Pig #5 15:35 Combination Bribe 17:05 Sexy Skin 18:59 Pop Question cock tease 21:09 My […]