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6.25hrs —

My throat is sore. My good karma must currently be off the charts. By some miracle, my work for this Saturday shrunk, and I found myself with a night off which I spent with the Gent at his place. I arrived at 7pm. At 1am, he said it was time for me to go, explicitly […]

Interesting —

He hates that word. Hates it probably as much as I hate the word ‘nice’. Tonight was my second date with “the Gent”. “You’re dangerous; I’m loving it.” – my text to him on the way home; ‘Toxic’ was the first song on my radio.“Stop Texting. Drive safe.  Good night Mrs. Desires.”- his reply. “I’m […]

Friday —

“You moan like a porn star.” – Slut to me “Oh, they just put on Metallica. I feel sorry for you. That means you’re going to get punched.” – Murphy to SlutI recently had a roller coaster of a Friday. It started off well. I drove SkinnyBitch to work, getting to spend quality time with […]

Happy Hour —

Tonight I was suppose to be working til 11:30pm. Instead, I found myself at Happy Hour, arriving around 7:30pm. Immediately, PrudeNate came up to greet me. It had been a while since we last saw each other. We hugged, and he engaged me in conversation as I stripped off the trappings of my job: black […]