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Snuggles and Romance —

Fucking Gray is so much fun. I never expect sex with him, even though it is a part of our dynamic, and, when we have it, the act is consistently amazing. I find that entering any scenario with little expectation yields the best possible results. And thus I’ve translated this mindset to the vast majority […]

Late Arrivals —

I showed up late to Gray’s Leather History class the Friday afternoon of Fusion. Unfortunately his presentation was at the same time as the Kinky Life Drawing Ion. I spoke with the person running the mini event. They were not sure if the people participating would like to stay after the allotted time. Hence no […]

Snack —

I stood in line with Gray, Naiia, and Amy, chatting about something to pass the time as the line slowly inched forward. It was midnight snack, open to everyone on campus. Diva, a wonderful woman who served the wonderful food, was a friend. Most all Fusion attendees can attest to the joy and necessity of […]

Day Pass —

It felt like a rollercoaster going 70mph, and I am just now stepping off. The plan came together quickly and quite out of the blue. I was hanging out with EmberBliss, FireMonkey, and IPCookieMonster when the Open Space at TESFest was mentioned. It was occurring on Thursday July 3rd, the first day of the event, along […]

Helpful —

“Happy to be helpful.” is a phrase I often toss out when people thank me for my assistance. I hope I never sound flippant when I say it because I truly mean it. I like being helpful towards the people I care about. To start my Fusion, I was a defacto shuttle service for my […]

Subtle Suggestions —

  G: How many subtle suggestions can you identify in this picture? me: Maybe…15, being a creative writer and all. G: List?   One, your eyes.  Staring at me.  The look you have when we’re in the middle of a scene.  The look you get right before you hit me, or lean in to pinch […]

Memories —

The first night of Rope Camp featured Midori’s Meat Market, a fun little event to introduce folks to one another and start the dialogue for play. After the get together concluded, I eased my way over to Rough.  He was showing off his Fat Ass Rope, and I wanted a taste of the experience.  I […]

DGG #19 Fusion 2013 pt 5 —

The final installment of my Fusion adventure. Picture Links Pose #1 Pose #2 Time Jumps 1:40 Tradition 2:24 Uncensored Improv Games 3:26 Kinky Life Drawing 6:00 Humiliation 8:17 Bare Stories 10:37 Back Patch 11:27 CBC 13:40 In Demand 15:27 Stefanos 16:44 Another Rain Check 18:10 Wrap Up     listen to ‘019_DGG Fusion 2013 pt […]

Big R —

“How many of you are in a D/s relationship?” I watched as the people around the circle raised their hands.  Rough’s gaze ran counterclockwise until his stare landed on me.  My hand was halfway up. “Well, it depends.  What is your definition of a D/s relationship?” “That’s a good question, poetic.  We’ll start with you.  […]

Hot Ash —

My hands shook as I held the match box.  I could feel all the eyes in the Barn on me.  Could hear my breathing loud as thunder. I struck the match against the box; no light.  Struck again; no light.  On the third try, it lit.  I warmed the cigar with the match.  Once it […]