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Release —

I was nervous, terrified even. I was going to try this, going to let myself go to a place where I didn’t know how I would react. I talked about it with him first. “For our scene, could you do something for me? Could you take off my necklace?” With all of the emotions wrapped […]

Syncretic —

“You called me a good girl. I didn’t tell you that I liked that.”“I notice things.”He kept his voice low, almost a whisper. “Close your eyes.” I could feel his fingertips tracing along my face, lightly over my skin. Down my body, never quite touching, and then grazing my calves, and then digging in his […]

Water Torture —

I was fried, hanging on by a thread. And then the thread was cut. We were out to dinner, a group of nine of us, sitting around a large table in a pub about a fifteen minute walk from the Flying Dutchman. We were all tired, the rush of the Grue slamming to a halt […]

Orange —

The look on her face was almost serene. I had never seen her experience this, never seen this play before. Yes, I had heard about it. It was a scene she was known for, a class she had given before but never was I able to attend. As I sat so close to her, watching […]

Knuckle Sandwich —

Hmm, a punching class at the London Grue. Was I going to attend…? Knuckle Sandwich was presented by Gryphon, with his demo bottom Hedwig. Gryphon started his class session with some precautionary info: avoiding the neck and face (on a first date), targeting large muscle groups, and the proper way to throw a punch (curves, […]


“However you do it is how you do it.”It was my question in the Fish Bowl. “How/What/Why/Would you commit to full power exchange?” The five bottoms all faced one another, speaking softly, speaking to only one another. No one was allowed to say anything to them. This was a time for the bottoms to speak. […]

Poi Is Awesome —

Going into the London Grue, I knew there was one class I absolutely positively wanted to host: Poi Is Awesome; Let’s Practice. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I even had jitters about suggesting the class session at all. But a friend said they’d brought two pairs of poi, and […]

Little Moments —

“There were so many times tonight when all I wanted to do was grab you by your hair and push you down onto my cock.”“There were about a dozen times when all I wanted to do was drop to my knees, unzip your pants, and suck on your cock.”I was frustrated. The Meet & Greet had been […]

Movie Moment —

It was kind of like in romantic comedies… You hear the voice from around the corner, this new person in conversation with someone you already know. They talk for a bit, and you learn the texture and tone of their voice without yet seeing their face. His was a nice voice, deep and rich with […]

Dominant Ash —

I was exhausted. My flight from DC to London had left at 10pm DC time, and arrived at 10am London time. Because of turbulence, I’d only slept for about three hours while on the plane. But I was in England. And CherryBondage was there waiting for me. We hugged for so long. It felt amazing […]