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Water Torture —

I was fried, hanging on by a thread. And then the thread was cut. We were out to dinner, a group of nine of us, sitting around a large table in a pub about a fifteen minute walk from the Flying Dutchman. We were all tired, the rush of the Grue slamming to a halt […]

Knuckle Sandwich —

Hmm, a punching class at the London Grue. Was I going to attend…? Knuckle Sandwich was presented by Gryphon, with his demo bottom Hedwig. Gryphon started his class session with some precautionary info: avoiding the neck and face (on a first date), targeting large muscle groups, and the proper way to throw a punch (curves, […]

Poi Is Awesome —

Going into the London Grue, I knew there was one class I absolutely positively wanted to host: Poi Is Awesome; Let’s Practice. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I even had jitters about suggesting the class session at all. But a friend said they’d brought two pairs of poi, and […]

Movie Moment —

It was kind of like in romantic comedies… You hear the voice from around the corner, this new person in conversation with someone you already know. They talk for a bit, and you learn the texture and tone of their voice without yet seeing their face. His was a nice voice, deep and rich with […]