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Distressed —

It started Monday night.  At first it was just a tickle in my throat, nothing new.  I fell asleep with a cough drop under my tongue like I’d done many a time before, believing this would be enough. When I awoke the next morning, I still had a tickle in my throat, but it was […]

Chemically Balanced —

Recently I began taking the pill again. I was on it before summer camp, but stopped taking it when I returned. I worried my libido would crash, and, having just freed the slut inside me, I wanted none of that. But another event is approaching, and the idea of loosing a sexually dynamic weekend to […]

Making A Real Effort —

About a week and a half ago, I joined the local YMCA. First of all, IT’S HUGE! It’s like the size of a middle school. Seriously, it’s big. [Aside: Oh my gosh, we are disgusting. And by we, I mean my SO & I. Seriously, I kiss him before bed each night. I do silly […]

Obama Names New Surgeon General —

President Obama named Regina Benjamin, a female African American family practitioner from Alabama, as our nation’s new surgeon general. Link to full USAToday article here.


I’ve decided to go ahead and write about something that has been on my mind, and stressing my life, for the past few months. I have HPV. I don’t know who gave it to me. I just know I have it. It was found after a series of pap smears, having come up abnormal, forced […]