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Care —

It was the simplest movement, the simplest motion. A submissive sat with her head on her Dom’s knee. Then lightly, gently, she brushed her cheek against his knee. That was all it took to bring me to tears. I quietly snuck my way downstairs, located the bathroom, leaned against the wall, and cried. I wanted […]

Aftercare —

We were all wiped. It wasn’t even two hours into the After Grue when Inretrepida and I spoke of leaving. I dutifully sat in a comfy chair, scribbling out notes from my day and my time with Gray and Symetrie, yet I actively worked to not fall asleep. Just as our duo was about to […]

Closing —

We all gathered back where we’d started, again amassing in the basement living room. I sat by the front this time, nestling on the floor. We assembled in a circle, everyone looking at one another. Gray stood by the front again, all the sheets of paper with the class names in his hands. One-by-one he […]

Full Contact Improv —

“An orgy without sex.” “Free form modern dance.” “Presense through movement and touch.”I couldn’t completely trust. I couldn’t completely let go. I couldn’t completely extend my arm. The exercise was simple: let your partner take your weight. I held Inretrepida’s hand and leaned back, but there was a bend in my elbow. Gray had instructed […]

Almost Gone —

It happened in an instant. I was teaching my first class of the Grue, a presentation centered on cigar play from the bottom’s perspective. Gray consented to helping me, taking on the role of my demo top. We had already demonstrated a few fun aspects of play (smoke kiss, smoke rise, and eating ash) when […]

Passions —

We arrived five minutes early, groggy but excited. Inretrepida gave me a ride Saturday morning from The Naked House to the Grue, for which I was quite grateful. Otherwise I would’ve had to take three buses for about one and a half hours. As we entered we deposited our shoes to the left and deposited […]

Meet & Greet —

When I reached the top of the stairs and entered the restaurant’s second floor lounge, his back was to me. For a moment, I thought I shouldn’t immediately go up and say hi. He was, after all, working, and he seemed to be busy talking with Symetrie, a woman I briefly met at Shibaricon. But […]

Bravery Accomplished —

“Ah… fuck me!” When my alarm woke me up from my nap, I was grumpy. For a moment, I didn’t remember where I was. For a moment, all I knew was that I wanted to go back to sleep. And then I remembered I was at Shibaricon. And then I remembered I was going to […]

Poetic’s Class —

“Is there anything else you could use to wet the cigar?”“Why yes, there is.” It had been on my mind for quite some time. Would I? Could I? Should I? I’d even thought of a fun name, spunky and cute, yah know like me. But then came the nerves. The self doubt.I’ll just be a […]

Fifteen Hours —

I arrived at my airport, about thirty minutes early, at 8am. I texted PrincessA, grabbed my bags, and settled into a seat to crochet and wait for my ride. After PrincessA picked me up, we headed to breakfast. It felt odd calling our meal breakfast because I’d been up for so long. Then again I […]