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Busy Day —

With the sacrifice of my Saturday a given, an unintended consequence arose. All of sudden I only had one day left at camp. One day to go to class. One day to play. One day to make everything happen. When I woke up Sunday morning, I already had a tight schedule. One class, four play […]

Roasted —

“I like the French. They taste like chicken.” “Don’t mind me; I’ll do this til I die.” “Oh honey, you’ll never fit in that.” “Our short sash marriage has included you judging me, and leaving me… and you didn’t even give me any flowers.” “Everyone knows International Mr. BootBlack is treated like the red headed […]

Elevator Entertainment —

The final night, the final hours of WinterFire, of course I didn’t want to go to bed. I found myself in the lobby of the hotel discussing possible cookie snagging with TwistedView & Dov. In our conversing, I learned of the secret (not really) rope folks lounge up on the ninth floor. With the allure […]

Jim —

I wore my boots because I knew he’d like it. I wore my gray and black Delicious dress because it hugged my curves just right, making me feel sexy. I ran to meet him because I was running late. Once again music requirements made my evening’s start hectic. I was to meet Jim at the bootblacking […]

Break —

The first official day of WinterFire was long and hard for me. I was on staff, had help with setup the day before, and stayed up late into the night as Rhythm Section (the name we affectionately gave ourselves as the A/V Music folk) organized our sound requirements for the event. As Friday night closed […]