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Studio 58 —

I hadn’t been to the space in quite some time. Drama and yuckiness aside, my life has been far too busy to fathom going out to a random Saturday night party at any play space, let alone the one I found myself in this past Saturday night. But there was more than one draw that […]

Trust —

~ erotica ~   “So, you like fear play.” His hand held my hair, pulling my head back towards him.  His lips grazed my ear.  I felt the heat of his breath as he spoke.  One of my hands had found his leg; the other, fingers splayed open, hung at my side.  He held his […]

Deep Throating —

“There is no safety from a sophisticated Top.” – Max   “Do you deep throat?” “Yes.” “Open your mouth; tilt your head back.” I sat on the ground by his knee.  Cigar smoke loomed in the air. It was the first cigar social at Paradise, the only one I’d be able to attend.  Keet and […]

Remember Me —

~ erotica ~   [TRIGGER WARNING: This is a rape fantasy.]   It was late, the deep dark that normally scared me.  But I was surrounded by sleeping kinksters, and I was at camp, at home.  I strolled down the path towards my cabin, a small smile on my face, happy to be back amongst my […]

Hard Or Soft —

~ a half imagined nightmare ~ We sat on the floor of his bedroom, down in the basement, as cluttered and full as ever. Two bare bulbs hung from the uncovered wood floor beams. His television displayed an old black and white movie, something scary. His bed was tousled. His clothes were everywhere. Why did […]

Abduction part 2 —

Big Bro had cradled my head and neck as he tackled me and we went down to the ground. Very quickly, a hood was over my head. My Hello Kitty bag was still slung over my shoulder, lying somewhere on the ground, as they pulled my arms back and secured them with manacles. “Ah, glasses […]

Interrogation part 1 —

…and I stumbled forward, falling to my knees, my body twisted around. He pulled my hair more, bringing me back up, dragging me to under the wooden arch. He placed his arm around my neck, choking me, keeping me close. He pulled out rope from somewhere, either in his pocket or simply in his free […]

Bound By Burn —

~erotica~ I knelt before him, clothed in only a tank top and panties. The wet grass under my knees and feet was cool, a small breeze giving a slight chill to the air. He sat on the stairs of his wooden deck, his right boot the closest part of his body to me. When I […]

Velvet Fire —

“Come on. Give us some poetic desires. How does it feel?”- SkinnyBitch“Like velvet fire licking my skin.”- meI laid on the plastic drop cloth shaking, anticipation increasing. CandleLover, Diva, and I patiently waited for our audience. The chill from the basement floor rose up through the thin carpet and plastic sheet. I shivered. CandleLover rubbed […]

A While —

Going into tonight’s Dirty Things party, I had three aims. 1- There would need to be much cigar play. 2- I wanted to spend some time with N3rddom and KnownUnknown, who would be traveling from far away to attend the party. And 3- I absolutely wanted to kiss VoodooPrincess again. Thankfully, all three of my […]