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Religion and Reproduction —

This is a straight-up rant. This post isn’t meant to be sexy. It’s not specifically about sex, or fucking, or all the fun things my life occasionally entails. Fun Fact: In high school I was voted Most Opinionated. Here is a taste of why. [Side note: I was also voted Most Boy Crazy. Snicker as […]

Fair and Balanced —

Recently I performed a civic act and showed up, early, for jury duty.  In this particular instance of a ritual everyone has to go through, sooner or later, everything went right. Our summons time changed from 8:30am to 1pm because no cases were on the docket for the morning. Almost everyone showed up early. We […]

Letter To My Senator —

Recently a letter has been floating around the Senate. It’s a pledge to pass the Public Option through budget reconciliation, a Parliamentary maneuver and way to bypass filibusters. It is the way CHIP (The Children’s Health Insurance Program) & COBRA (what I now have) were passed, along with FIVE Bush era tax cuts and multiple […]

The Bill Bomb —

The Rachel Maddow Show, in order to raise awareness, interest, and passion for the legislative process, is currently running an online contest, asking viewers to re-brand the filibuster, because, as she notes, it’s just so boring. Here is my entry, along with a link so you can vote for it, or any other suggestions you […]

Resist The Urge To Turn Pussy —

Congressional Democrats, the shit we all saw coming has finally arrived. Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts today and will soon be the new junior Senator, thereby extinguishing your paper thin filibuster proof majority. Now, I know there are some of you who will see this as a reason to stop pushing for […]

Man Up Or Shut Up —

I am so sick and tired of people putting all this importance and pressure on the Massachusetts Senate race. Face it DNC: you fucked up. You chose the wrong candidate for the position, didn’t realize her level of unawares about the most basic of Boston knowledge (namely that Kurt Schilling is NOT a Yankee fan), […]

When It’s Easy to Be Ignorant —

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the issue of putting gay marriage/partnerships to a vote. People can’t understand why, when you poll folks one month they are for equality for gays, but then the next month it’s voted down. Today I read an article in Newsweek, suggesting maybe it is the portrayal of gay characters in […]

He Did Well —

Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to watch our President give a speech about healthcare reform. Many people will analyze it, going over each sentence with a fine tooth comb. I, however, am not one of those people. Instead, I thought I’d post my Tweets from the event. I sat on my couch, furiously […]

#02 Mr. President – Sir, You Need To Fight —

The following is a letter I wrote to the President, concerning his upcoming speech on healthcare tomorrow. “We are confronted with a moral issue.” -JFK Mr. President, You are to give an important speech this Wednesday concerning healthcare reform. Sir, you need to fight. I know it is your nature to be the peace maker, […]


This morning Dick Armey, former lobbyist for DLA Piper (a Washington law office) and current chairman of FreedomWorks (a conservative organization dedicated to advancing an agenda of “lower taxes, less government, and more freedom”), was interviewed on NPR by Steve Innskeep during Morning Edition. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of my morning nap (before work) […]