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Hair, Down There? —

I hadn’t heard about No Shave November til there was random mention of it on my Twitter feed a few days into the month.  A few of the people I followed were participating for various reason. Since it was only (I think) the 3rd, I thought about what body hair meant to me.  Should I try […]

New Rule —

OKC boy texted me a video on Saturday.  He was lying in bed, t-shirt on, but naked from the waist down.  His cock was in full view.  He lazed back on his bed watching porn while masturbating. I watched the video, noting how I was somewhat turned on, yet also somewhat turned off. The thought […]

Daily Zen —

I’m not a religious person. When pressed by someone to give an answer, I’ve said in the past I’m pseudo-Christian. I was baptized Catholic. Went to Catholic school for seven years. But my mother converted to Baptist before I started either of those schools. And, when once asked by her, I bluntly said her religion […]

AtoZ —

You knew I was going to do this, right?Sometimes I just do things for people. Buy them a drink. Take care of the check for a meal. Crochet them something. It’s a part of my personality that I like to do for others, especially if I care about you. During the month of April, an […]

Why? —

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately, mostly because of a friend’s influence, although Doc has been encouraging it as well. In regards to my theatrical career, there is one person who I believe owes most of the credit for my current circumstance: Mr. David Kriebs. He was the Production Manager for the […]

Three Notes On My Poly Adventure —

I guess this is going to be an ongoing random series, me talking about my poly life (or lack there of). 1) Pedestrian Polyamory So I now am listening to yet another polyamory podcast. This one came as recommendation from a friend and I am loving it. The podcast is called Pedestrian Polyamory. Our hosts […]

Two Notes On My Poly Adventure —

1) In my continuing kink/BDSM/poly education, I have started listening to Poly Weekly podcast. I highly recommend the podcast. Cunning Minx is kind of awesome. Recently, while partaking of a post during the dinner break at work, I heard about an interesting poly practice. It’s called the 100% Game. The rules are simple. 1- Ask […]


With busy season for my job in full swing, I have once again experienced a bout of seasonal financial panic. I’ve shut down most of my spending, packing food for work, trying to figure out the cheapest way to park my vehicle, etc. But there is one thing I can not and will not skimp […]

Three Words —

Bravery. Forgiveness. Endurance. Life has a way of falling into place for me as of late. I wanted to write something thought provoking tonight, but lacked a topic…that is until I read my friend Graydancer’s blog. His latest got me thinking (again), and thus my entry started germinating. His latest blog, Word Up, talks about […]

My Eff —

I love my friends; they challenge me in ways I cannot do myself. Case and point: I just finished reading an essay by my friend Graydancer, Eff The Ineffable. In it, he challenges everyone to name the things that make you different.  Why are you a “unique little snowflake”?  Why is an experience with you […]