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A Prickly Affair —

~ Sunday night at The Floating World ~I saw him walking through the Dungeon dragging his kit behind him. I popped up from the floor, leaving my things behind, and walked towards him.He looked left, outstretched his arm, and extended his index finger towards me.“Well, I guess I’m getting needles then.” Amethyst followed close behind […]

Nerves —

When I approached the Dungeon, I knew I was arriving a bit early. Since I’d finished my writing with some extra time, I figured I’d just wait for D3’s arrival by the cage. As I grew closer to the entrance, a small crowd meandered outside. Since I knew the people standing about, I greeted folks […]

Third —

My third and final tie for Fusion occurred early Saturday night. Nomad, Lynk, and I met up by the Barn, standing on the outskirts of an event, the Kinky Circus. Nomad and I then headed towards the Dungeon as Lynk stayed a moment to speak to someone briefly. As the two of us stepped onto […]