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Drunk Blogging —

[FYI: I’m writing this while tipsy.  My apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors.  Yes, even when I’m tipsy, I worry about these things.] I was going to name this blog ‘Size Queen’ but since I’m tipsy, I wanted to keep up with the drunk blogging tradition.  I publish about one or two of these […]

Juicy —

I have many different orgasms. Some are similar. Some are very different. When I’m in the throws of masturbation, and an orgasm builds, I never know what it will feel like until it happens. Often, while I’m cuming, I’ll scream profanities and usually thank my fantasy Daddy for allowing me to have an orgasm (or […]

The Horny Butterfly —

~ a kinky fairy tale ~ In the shade of a pop up tent, just outside her cabin, laid a beautiful naked girl. Spread out on a purple and black rug, she lounged, enjoying the warm air and slight breeze. As she lazed, relaxing in her non-clothes-wearing-ness, only one thing was amiss. What she wanted, […]

Cage Match —

D3 stripped naked, save for his boots. I wore only a black strapless dress, a cute pair of underwear, and my boots. I told D3 how I like it when people take off my clothes. “Mean or nice?”“Whichever.” He stepped in close. We kissed, our arms wrapped around each other. He began punching me. I […]

Release —

Even with the experience of having my boots blacked and blacking another’s boots, I was still antsy. I wanted more. I ventured up to my friends’ Black Rage party, named so because the two inhabitants of the room were African American females. Not surprisingly, it was chill and relaxed. But I felt something stir in […]

More Important —

Hanging out with the roommates and their kids was more important than writing. I had spent a little time with the kids before work on Saturday, and had opted to fill my unexpectedly free Saturday night with adult activities. I wanted to spend time with them and the roommates. I wanted to hear their stories […]