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A Prickly Affair —

~ Sunday night at The Floating World ~I saw him walking through the Dungeon dragging his kit behind him. I popped up from the floor, leaving my things behind, and walked towards him.He looked left, outstretched his arm, and extended his index finger towards me.“Well, I guess I’m getting needles then.” Amethyst followed close behind […]

Interrogation part 3 —

“Yes, this will work great.” Having taken off his gloves, Gray again pulled out his butterfly knife. After examing my gag and approving of his plan, he cut two slits into the very damp piece of fabric. He then pulled out the pepper. I had heard the story earlier. One of my cabinmates had taken […]

Three Moments —

1) “Do you know how to coil rigging rope?”Do I know how to coil rope? Hmm…One of my projects at work today was, simply, to coil rope. But not just any rope. 3/4 inch braided black nylon, with a blue accent. Two coils. 150′ in length, each. They sat on the warehouse’s concrete floor, two […]

Pretty Pincushion —

“Oh you’re easy.”“So I’ve been told.” It felt like I was moving through water. It felt like new… fuller… a dull electricity. Touching my hands as I slowly lifted them to my face. Touching my chin as I rested my head on my hands. Everything was slower. I swayed, as if I were floating in […]