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The Fat Note —

I got my first fat note the other day.  For those of you who don’t know what a fat note is, pull up a chair and learn. A fat note is when someone, either anonymously or not, sends you a letter in the mail telling you about a new diet craze or a way another […]

Making A Real Effort —

About a week and a half ago, I joined the local YMCA. First of all, IT’S HUGE! It’s like the size of a middle school. Seriously, it’s big. [Aside: Oh my gosh, we are disgusting. And by we, I mean my SO & I. Seriously, I kiss him before bed each night. I do silly […]

Stepping Into the Fray —

Monday I attempted to attend Sen. Ben Cardin’s town hall meeting on the campus of Towson University. When I arrived, I soon found around 2000 people were there before me. I knew instantly I would not get in. I had already planned on recording my experience through photos and audio. Since I was not going […]

It’s Official —

We are now cohabiting. This past week has been a sweaty, long, humid affair. We had to move all of my crap out of the 1BR into the 2BR w/ a Family Room. Granted the two buildings are about 500-750ft apart, but half of the trek was on grass. Not fun. Besides hauling way too […]