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DGG #15 Fusion 2013 pt 4 —

The pitter patter of rain fills the background as I chat more about my Fusion adventure (during a break in the middle of my Rope Camp). Time Jumps 1:30 Boymeat 5:29 Handfasting 7:20 Rope with Bear (and a special appearance) 10:03 Cigar Lesson 11:14 Paying Dearly (canes with Gray & Rough) 19:42 Warrior Kitten Memorial […]

Filthy —

Friday was all about movement.  Coming back to camp after a fun evening and morning with D3.  Moving my bootblack kit to one cabin.  Moving it again when I arranged to black a friend’s boots.  Scurrying across campus to demo bottom for a class.  Going right back across the grass to black another friend’s boots […]

Boymeat —

“I was disappointed I missed your class. I was demo bottoming for another presentation at the same time. So, if you don’t mind me picking your brain, how did you get over piss play?” “I’ve liked piss since I was a kid. The class was about piss play and different ways to use piss.” “Oh, […]

Xavier —

~ erotica ~ “What are you looking for tonight?” He sat in seiza, black kimono and matching pants perfectly pressed, arranged just so. His face was plain. “Something different.” “I have rope. You have your body. From there where would you like to go?” “Hmm…” You could always find him in the same spot every […]