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1.11.17 I Miss You —

bumpily ~ a poem ~ Your hair is shorter. I guess you got it cut this past weekend. Before your bangs shaded your eyes. Now I see them as you pass by. You never look at me in the halls. You don’t really look at anyone, actually, but it feels like you’re intentionally not looking at […]

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1.9.17 Spelling Out Goodbye —

~ a poem ~ All I ask Before you leave, Calling it quits on us, Divorcing our lives Ever after, is please Forgive me. Grant me peace. Help me to move on from you In a way that will matter, that will last. Just the words will do, Kindness shown in this moment, a Last […]

1.5.17 The After Glow —

~ a poem ~ My body misses you. Hips move, the shadow of your crotch against my ass, Arms hug my chest, pretending to be yours, Lips still warm from your last kiss, My body remembers. My body misses you. Writhing under the sheets, Nipples tickled, yearning for your touch, Coos ready to form, My […]

1.4.17 Morning Love —

~ a poem ~ You’re beautiful when you wake up. Sleep crusted corners of your eyes Rank breath Hand over your mouth, giggling “Ugh, don’t. Gross. Not yet.” “Don’t care.” You’re beautiful when you wake up. You’re beautiful when you wake up. Hair mushed Pink pillow lines on your face Stiff neck waiting for my […]

1.3.17 His Request —

~ a poem ~ Each day, when you have a moment alone, I want you to close your eyes, and touch yourself here, and think of me. You may be rough, or not. You may cum, or not. You choose. But remember, as your hand lingers, in pleasure or pain, the feel of my touch.

1.2.17 Better Than Those Fucking Sheep —

~ a poem ~ Lately, he’s been my waking dream just before I sleep. His hands squeeze my hips. His lips, light kisses at the base of my neck. His nose tickles me a little. I giggle, then nestle into him. One arm under my pillow, the other draped with mine. Our fingers interlock and […]

Fuck You —

~ a poem ~ I thought it was you out of the corner of my eye. I thought you were walking up to me, a smile on your face, a whitty line ready to fall from your lips. I thought I’d turn to you, bewildered, yet hiding my pleasure at your presense. I thought I’d […]

Your Kiss —

~ a poem ~ Our kiss didn’t end the moment our lips parted. The warmth of your breath, your mouth, lingered on my skin. Even as I stepped back. Even as I smiled and told you bye. Even as we walked away. I felt your kiss throughout my day. In moments that came without warning. […]

Friends —

~ a poem ~I wish we were still friends.The way you kissed me wasn’t enough. Even though, with the first brush of your lips, my eyes closed. My arms raised, wrapped around you. Your fingers found my hair. My knees buckled. My body relaxed into your arms. There existed no other world except your lips. […]

Hands —

~ a poem ~My hands in his hair. Guiding his tongue along, around my clit. Brushing his bristly beard in languid strokes up and down my pussy. My legs resting on his shoulders as he devours me. His hands in my hair. Guiding my mouth along his shaft. Bobbing my head back and forth on […]