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Connection —

I expected little from my last night at Frolicon. I had already enjoyed a good event, nothing terribly momentous but a few days of chill fun. So as I walked towards Vlad and Itonia, I smiled, happy to see familiar faces. Vlad was dressed in a dapper pinstripe suit and held a length of white […]

A Tour —

Before I even showed up In San Francisco, I already had plans. I knew there were two places I wanted to visit, Mr. S Leather & Wicked Grounds. These two stops would be easy, seeing as they are merely a block away from each other and only a mile and a half walk from the […]

Perched —

I initially saw them in the hallway just outside of the Dungeon. A Submissive, A Switch, and A Dominant. The Domme was female bodied, standing back from the Sub and Switch, wearing black Carhart pants, a black t-shirt, and black leather boots. The male bodied Switch wore a leather thong and a leather chest piece […]

Choked Out —

My Last Night: Choked Out As we all walked back into the Naked House, I offered a small reprieve for NHF. Since he had missed my previous strip tease, I thought I could instead give him a sensual unzipping of my Zim jacket. Settling back into the living room, everyone sat on the couch… except […]

NHF Introduction —

My Last Night: NHF IntroductionShivering, but smiling, I sat in a chair on the side porch, joining Belarian and the Naked House Friend as they enjoyed some cigars. Introducing myself, both NHF and I were able to put faces to FetLife names. Almost as soon as we began chatting, I noticed NHF had a nice head […]

Scotty’s Boots —

My Last Night: Scotty’s Boots Back inside The Naked House, we all settled in the living room. I placed my bootblacking kit on the floor by a comfy chair in the corner.  Who was to be first? Unfortunately, Scotty had to leave in about forty-five minutes. It was a school night. Scotty sat in my […]

The Journey Home —

My journey in rope has not always been easy. In fact, most times, it’s been downright brutal. Being around people who know so much more than me, have done it so much longer than I have, and all of them having such faith in me…It’s just so fucking intimidating. I’ve said it before: it often […]

Cigars —

My Last Night: CigarsAs we adjourned to the back yard, I carried in tow my bootblacking kit, my cigar travel kit, one of my notebooks, some dark chocolate, and my water bottle. My haul was precarious, but I managed to balance my items in a tall tower and land the the structure gently on the […]

Preparation —

My Last Night: Preparation During my first night in Minnesota, with PrincessA’s permission, I sent out a general invite for folks to come to her home Wednesday evening, arriving around 5pm-ish, to enjoy some cigars in The Naked House’s backyard. It would be a small party, making the most of my last hours in Minnesota. […]

Holding Hands —

As any of you who follow my Twitter feed know, I spent the majority of my yesterday with PrincessA at the Mall of America. Though we would not classify ourselves as “shoppers”, we spent about five hours in the mall and came away with nice hauls. My highlights include a new pair of heels, a […]