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1.22.17 Fangirling —

[SPOILERS TO FOLLOW] (You have been warned.) Today I randomly binged watched the first seven episodes of Sense8. Holy shit! First off, I have to thank my friends for warning me about the first few episodes. Nomi’s story line is dark and jarring and, for some, downright triggering. But, and this is a huge but, […]

Poetic’s Spring Break —

I’m taking a vacation. I’d planned for this year to be amazing: lots of events, traveling all over. Though Winter Fire was my first event this year, it feels like my real adventure is just about to start. At 6am on Sunday, I’ll be flying on my first plane in eleven years. First I’m visiting PrincessA […]

She Is Lost —

I wanna dance with somebodyI wanna feel the heat with somebodyYeah, I wanna dance with somebodyWith somebody who loves me I often feel weird when a celebrity dies. Because of the nature of our society, it feels like you almost know the person, even though you really don’t. The parts of their lives we see […]

Browncoat Jealousy —

A Serenity cake. The Firefly geek in me loves this. It was a 40th Birthday cake created by the amazing team at Charm City Cakes. Read the person’s story and see more pictures at the links here & here. Thx to @popcandy & the Ace of Cakes website for the links.

I’d Vote For This —

Barney Frank Introduces Marijuana Bill He wants to remove criminal penalties for possession less than 100 grams and only a $100 fine for public use of the substance. To me, being a clear minded liberal who sees that almost half of drug related arrests and imprisonments are due to pot, I see this as fair, […]