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Remember Me —

~ erotica ~   [TRIGGER WARNING: This is a rape fantasy.]   It was late, the deep dark that normally scared me.  But I was surrounded by sleeping kinksters, and I was at camp, at home.  I strolled down the path towards my cabin, a small smile on my face, happy to be back amongst my […]

Kidnapped —

~ erotica ~{Trigger Warning: This is a rape fantasy.} I carried my backpack over my shoulder, beleaguered from my long day and night’s work. Though there were few contents, it still felt heavy, weighing me down as I tried to walk home. I knew this path, this way I took every day or night. My […]

The Cowboy (1 of 4) —

~ erotica ~He dragged her behind him, her wrists bound, his sweaty bandanna covering her eyes. She stumbled over the uneven ground but always kept herself upright as he hurriedly led her to his favorite spot. Stopping, he shoved her down to the ground, her knees landing on the wet earth, straw and mud now […]

The Cowboy (2 of 4) —

~ erotica ~The cowboy ran the cigar in and out of her pussy, fucking her with his tobacco. Even with the scratches from the wood. Even with the fear of the moment. Still, she could not help but notice the feel of the tickle of her nipples with his gyrations. She could not help the […]

The Cowboy (3 of 4) —

~ erotica ~The cowboy puffed on his cigar, then brought his mouth to her lips. He kissed her softly, gently. The smoke entered her mouth, slipped from both their lips, and surround their faces in a haze. She was shocked by his gentleness, shocked that such care could come from this seemingly cruel man. The […]

The Cowboy (4 of 4) —

~ erotica ~Her bound hands, which still rested in his lap, errantly brushed his crotch. She could easily feel his quite hard cock. She looked down at her hands, then up in his eyes. And without her even realizing it, the small quiet word spilled from her lips. “Please.” Quick as a cat, he gripped […]