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Fire Hug —

http://uslanka.net/category/health-fitness/ The night was cool, cooler than any other since we’d arrived at camp on Wednesday. It was the last night of Rope Camp; it felt fitting that it be spent by the fire. Elf had prepared the wood earlier and now tended the flames while a smattering of people sat on the benches around him. […]

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Service —

As I drove in my car, having just picked up Gray from the airport, I asked him what his expectations for Rope Camp were, specifically surrounding how we would interact. “Well if you wanted to be in service to me it would be helpful, but it would only be for the duration of camp.”“Ah…no. No […]

Worth It —

I deserved it. I totally deserved it. Celeste swung and smacked my back hard with her rope, testing the technique Rough had just shown the class. It hurt. A lot. I deserved every bit of the pain. The day before was the first of two of Roughinamorato’s Rough Body play classes. He spoke about different […]

Rough —

“Do you want to play?”“Yes. When?”“Now.”“But I’m playing with a friend once they get back with their rope.”“We’ll play til they arrive.” Gripping the side of my neck, right where I’d been bitten not ten minutes earlier, Roughinamorato pulled me forward. Just as we were to find a space, my friend walked into the Dungeon and […]

Teeth —

I looked at him, smiled, and asked a simple question. “May I smell your jacket?” He returned my grin and stepped into my personal space. As my feet dangled from the short stage, I felt lost in the wondrous aroma. “I got this in Florence.” Real Italian leather, soft and supple leather. I rested my […]

Mimosas in the Morning —

My final Rope Camp Memory…Around 7am, I awoke to lips against mine, a kiss pulling me from sleep. My eyes still closed, I kissed back, the thought of ill intent never arising. Our embraced ended, I heard, “Best Cabin Bitch Ever,” whispered to me. I opened my eyes in time to see Murphy’s dreads as […]

Written Raw —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Written Raw, a poem My tears wait on the edges of my lids, permission for their exit pending. Overwhelming emotions, conflicting joy and sorrow, push and pull my heart to pieces. Hiding the tornado of feelings, my face gives the world a smile, or a grin, or a smirk, all lies […]

One Two Punch —

Rope Camp Memories continued… The last moments of my last night at Rope Camp were difficult. Yes, I had had an amazing scene with Murphy and Gray. I was high from all the attention, not to mention the aluminum ring. Later, I had time alone in my rope, dancing in a frame all by myself, […]

Co-topped —

Rope Camp Memories continued… As Gray hovered close to Cabin Meat, he asked her if she found him intimidating. She, in fact, did. Gray then turned to me, and asked me the same. “Yeah, sometimes.” He grabbed me by my tie, pulling me close, his face a breath away from mine. Gray asked again. I […]

Triggered & 60/40 —

Rope Camp Memories continued… As the boys finished cleaning up, I sat by the corner of the stage, talking to Cabin Meat. I showed her the photos I took of the acts, pleased at my work. When I looked up, at the frame on the ground across from the stage, I saw a bit of […]