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Hate Fuck —

I don’t want to get back together with my Ex.  I DON’T want to get back together with my Ex.  But there was this moment recently. About a week ago, I had an early morning gig.  The Sun wasn’t even up before I had to start work.  And, me being me, I arrived early.  My Ex […]

Anxious —

“Boring and more sedate is good for you.” – DocAs he read off the characteristics, one-by-one, I wanted to laugh. There I was in black and white. Well, actually he was reading off of his e-Reader, so maybe black and beige. But still… At the start of our session today, I asked Doc to talk […]

Unpartnered, Poly —

When describing myself as poly once, a work friend in a triad ‘corrected’ me.  “Honey, you’re single.  You’re not poly; you’re just a slut.”  Now while the second point is quite true, as anyone who has read my blog or simply had a conversation with me can affirm, I disagree with the first.  My current […]

Open —

To me it seems obvious, as if a part of breathing, a fact so important to me I cannot live a life without it.  And yet, I am in the minority. In a world with six billion people, all with different lives and experiences, personalities and bodies to explore, I can never be in a […]

Eight Days —

He came home, because he forgot his lunch, and started fucking talking. Seriously?  He was still on the clock at work, and I was just trying to hold it all together. In about fifteen minutes, I’m leaving to have lunch with my father.  It’s a little early (as in date wise), but it’s for my […]

Ten Days —

Every time I walk into my apartment, I hope for two things: 1) my ex and his mother will no longer be here or 2) if they are present, he’s in the computer room and she’s in his room. The thing I hate the most about my current situation is my lack of isolation.  Often, […]

Options, Options —

The way I see it, I only have a few options as to what I’m going to do come July 31st (the last day of the lease with the boyfriend). 1) Stay in the same apartment, but get a roommate.  This way, I will be paying about the same amount I am right now.  The obvious downsides include […]

A Healthy Dose of Duh —

I don’t know if it’s irony or poetic justice that my ex has nixed the idea of us roommating again.  I brought up where I wanted to live and he mentioned how his bus ride would be over 1 1/2hrs.  (I did not bring up how I drive that amount for him now.)  He also […]

Logistics —

To rush everyone up to speed: 1- On Sunday I had “the talk” with the boyfriend.  Parts were okay.  Parts were bad.  It ended so-so. 2- That same day a mutual friend stopped by and helped to break the tension in the room.  Since then, we have been friendly. 3- I decided to move closer […]

It Would Be So Easy —

It would be so easy to just let it go.  I could pretend I was okay with the situation, that I believed everything would be fine, that our lives would be back to normal in less than six months. It would be so easy to forgive and try to forget, just ignore the glaring mistake […]