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Second Wind —

buy provigil online south africa We met in the Dungeon soon after parting by the pool. He chose the suspension rig to the left of the stage. I sat down my things, slipped off my sandals. “Should I take off my clothes?” “I like to unwrap my presents.” He unrolled what he had dubbed his ‘big bundle of ow’, a […]


DGG #10: Shibaricon pt 3 —

Some pizza, a pair of shoes, rope, rape play, and goodbyes. The last installment of my Memorial Day Weekend adventure. listen to ‘010_DGG Shibaricon 2013 pt 3’ on Audioboo

DGG #9: Shibaricon 2013 pt 2 —

The second installment of my fun over Memorial Day weekend. Cigars, the Cabaret, and my sternum, oh my… listen to ‘009_DGG Shibaricon 2013 pt 2’ on Audioboo

Breakthrough —

“I just wanted to say thank you for creating the bamboo rig and encouraging people to play on it. That was the first time I’d self suspended at an event in a year. I’d had an incident before which left me skittish. That tie felt like a breakthrough for me. So, thank you.” – Monday […]

DGG #8: Shibaricon 2013 pt 1 —

This is the first of three installments on my fun times at this year’s Shibaricon.  Yup, you read that right.  Three podcasts just on one event.  Needless to say I had a lot of fun with a lot of friends.  Happy 10th anniversary to Shibaricon, as well as second anniversary to RopenSpace at the event.  […]

Flying —

I was nervous to ask the question, but, like many things in my life, I did it anyway. “Hey, you still need a bottom for your afternoon classes?” The first class we attended was Newaza to Fly. It was a large class. The instructors, the DV8 crew, encouraged people to double up on frames. What […]

Sternum —

It all started Saturday night…“Move your hands. Move your fucking hands.”“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”“I’m going to punch you in your chest. Twice. If your hands get in the way, I will punch you more. If you take the two punches, that will be it for your sternum. Can you do that? Or do you want […]

Crotch Rope —

~ erotica ~ My clit throbbed. I hadn’t cum yet. The rope had only been on me for a few minutes. He’d taken out the coil, my rope, and knelt in front of me. I’d let my hands laze in his hair as he worked. Wrapped once around my hips. Once under my ass. Knotted. […]

Xavier —

~ erotica ~ “What are you looking for tonight?” He sat in seiza, black kimono and matching pants perfectly pressed, arranged just so. His face was plain. “Something different.” “I have rope. You have your body. From there where would you like to go?” “Hmm…” You could always find him in the same spot every […]

Connection —

It had been months since I was in someone else’s rope. I came to the party knowing I wanted that experience, knowing I wanted to be tied, but not sure how I would get it (or even if I could). But then, life working as it does, I began speaking with a rigger friend. As […]