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DGG #8: Shibaricon 2013 pt 1 —

This is the first of three installments on my fun times at this year’s Shibaricon.  Yup, you read that right.  Three podcasts just on one event.  Needless to say I had a lot of fun with a lot of friends.  Happy 10th anniversary to Shibaricon, as well as second anniversary to RopenSpace at the event.  […]

By Monday —

“Thank you to…”“I just wanted to say…”“That demo bottom for…”To end our Ropen Space, there was a time for anyone to thank whomever for whatever. As people walked up to the microphones, naming individuals who were inspired by their passions, my thank you happened to be easy to give. Scotty, who co-presenter Cigar Play with […]

Poetic’s Class —

“Is there anything else you could use to wet the cigar?”“Why yes, there is.” It had been on my mind for quite some time. Would I? Could I? Should I? I’d even thought of a fun name, spunky and cute, yah know like me. But then came the nerves. The self doubt.I’ll just be a […]

Building Community —

In the middle of my Ropen Space, I found myself drawn to a large circle of people in the main room. As part of the unconference process, this open area was kept in case a class ran long and needed more time. For Lochai’s Community Building discussion, the space was invaluable. I had not attended […]

Top Of The Roller Coaster —

Since it was to be a day of back-to-back classes, I dressed as School Gir: green Gir collared t-shirt with a tie, Gir hot pants, my Zim jacket, my Gir lanyard, a pair of black thigh high socks, and my black Vans. Heading down stairs, I was more than excited. It felt like I was […]

Self Soothing —

I could feel it gradually building, waxing and waning throughout my Ropen Space day. I could hear her, just on the edge of my fun, just beyond the chorus of beautiful voices I listened to on Friday. She was patient. I finally, really, heard her when classes were over. Few others were in the room. […]