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11.20.17 nerdGirl #1 —

How is it that every time he is around my eyes find him, as if they have a sixth sense for his presence. Those arms. That smile. That chest. Fuck, every single part of his body. It is so hard to focus when I’m around him, yet that is exactly what I have to do. […]

Grateful, Nice Edition —

I sat at the kitchen island, my latest Santa hat beginning to take shape.  As everyone began to form a circle, I put my project away, stood, and held hands with a brother on each side.  My older brother, in whose house we all stood, was on my right; he said the blessing. After his prayer, I took up […]

Wednesday —

It was cold enough that I slept with a hat on, my comforter draped over my face. When I woke up, it was still chilly.  I let myself snooze under my covers for a spell. But then I remembered the book. I’m reading an erotic novel for a book review to be published on this […]

Jitters —

It hit me all at once. I was sitting downstairs, one of my textbooks open, my notecards to my right, along with my pen and sharpie.  I was cold; there is about a ten degree difference between floors in my house.  I was trying to focus, reading material I presumed would be covered during my […]