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Monday Evening Fun —

~ erotica ~ “Hi.” He’d just gotten home from work, his three piece suite wrinkled from his long day. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me.  The short skirt of my strapless dress barely covered my ass.  My heels accentuated my rump even more so. I leaned up against the wall, glancing […]

25 —

Marked ~ a story ~ Birthdays are always fun at the house. Everyone gathers. We drink. We eat. We laugh. But, most importantly, we all enjoy the show. We have a little tradition amongst our friends, a rite of passage for each new year of life. One year, one person, one hit. The funny ones […]

Ash Slut —

“Would you like to come to cigars after?” – Gray“Yes, but I’d need a ride.” – me“You have it.” – Symetrie “What are the seat belt laws in this state?” – me“Put it on.” – GrayThe Meet & Greet ended at 10pm with the last few attendees walking out together, among them Inretrepida, Rough, myself, […]

Tradition —

I pulled my gold fabric up over my ass, opting to not remove my toga. I had intricately placed my two pieces of long fabric and didn’t want to try to rearrange them. My diadem stayed put fine. My sandals and chainmail belt were not an issue. My golden wing earrings dangled from my ears. […]

Abduction part 3 —

“Whatever someone has done to you, they can do it again.”“Oh shit.”With my knowledge that Gray was indeed a part of my abduction team, the possibilities for pain, restraints, and all kinds of meanness increased exponentially. My level of dread for what was to come skyrocketed. As the truck traveled, we passed over the uneven […]

Temptation —

“She has an unfair advantage because she’s British.” – Gray“I’m going to write a letter!” – Slut I knew going in just how to act to get my way. I used the smile, the down turned head, the quiet eagerness to lure her in. I dropped into little mode, the fifteen year old girl inside […]

Can’t Let Go —

~a poem~ There’s just something About the smell of his leathers,The engulfing aroma,When he is near,That I can’t let go. There’s just something In his stare,His eyes fixed On me,Seeing me Through to my bones,That I can’t let go. There’s just something In the way he squeezes My hips,Digging into my flesh,And the final Bite […]

Reprieve —

~erotica~ “Belt, paddle, or hand?” I had to choose. “Belt.” If I’d chosen his hand, I thought he would’ve felt the pain as well, but possibly resented me for it, as if I were trying to punish him for the mistake I made. If I’d chosen a paddle, I thought he would’ve eventually tired from […]

Warm Up —

~erotica~ He wore his riding boots, worn from age and experience, his chaps, laced up the sides and closed in the back with black parachord, his leather jacket, with snaps instead of a zipper, and his leather gloves, which more often than not massaged the back of my mouth. No other garment graced his frame. […]

Left —

~erotica~ What are you doing tonight?Meh. Nothing. Why?I need you inside me.I decided, for that night, I wouldn’t care. For tonight, he didn’t have a girlfriend. For tonight, I didn’t have a wife. For tonight, his dick was all that mattered. As soon as he opened the door, my hands were at his belt. He […]