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My Service —

“I can wait; she’s worth waiting.” “Now you know what it’s like to be a presenter; everyone wants a piece of you.”After the Dirty Pig Leather Contest, I packed up my kit and headed down to the Cigars and Services event in the Pavilion. It had already been underway for a bit, but I was […]

Blood —

They gave a warning for the squeamish before they began. I, with a front row seat, wasn’t going anywhere. Chey laid face down on the table to my right. Stefanos prepared his tools for the demo: a glass fire cup, his fire wand, a lit tea candle, a cup of alcohol, and a scalpel. Working […]

Triple Booked —

Rushing to head back to the end of the Circus, I ran to my cabin, dropped off my rope equipment, picked up my bootblacking kit, and quickly made my way to the Barn. When I arrived, the event had already ended. I looked around but could not find Stefanos, who had emceed the Circus. I […]

My Bootblacking Shift —

Because of Friday night’s storm, there was some confusion and a handful of things not going as planned at camp. The Pamporium was up and running though, albeit without hot wax, so I made my way over after lunch, a host of much needed calories after my abduction, in hopes of working my bootblacking shifts. […]

Fire Bug —

“Who won Rock Paper Scissors today?”“Oh, I gave up on on that.”“Why?”“He kept winning.” “Sixteen people have witnessed you say I’m the Master.” “Fucking in panda suits; I should look at porn more often.”First, there was the lecture portion. Chey and Stefanos talked about basic fire safety. “Fire play is edge play. Unless you’re Pyro, […]

A Tour —

Before I even showed up In San Francisco, I already had plans. I knew there were two places I wanted to visit, Mr. S Leather & Wicked Grounds. These two stops would be easy, seeing as they are merely a block away from each other and only a mile and a half walk from the […]

A Playful Predicament —

First off, I must take a moment to, well, swoon. The trio of Chey, Stefanos, and Nerine is, well, an amazing wet dream. Each of them separately is a gorgeous individual. Together the hotness in the front of the class on Sunday morning was almost too much to take in. I had had little interaction […]