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Up High —

When we arrived, our group disbursed, heading to their toy bags or directly downstairs. Since I had my things with me, I stayed in the upstairs, wanting to get ready. I’d grabbed a simple black wrap dress that accented my cleavage well, some jewelry, a pair of daunting heels, and my tail. Though quite tired, […]

Full Contact Kissing —

She presented it in a way I had never thought about. She spoke about a passion one would not immediately think of: kissing. She pointed out how most people in the scene viewed kissing as a vanilla activity, but it didn’t have to be. Kissing could be a scene all in itself. As Symetrie spoke, […]

Ash Slut —

“Would you like to come to cigars after?” – Gray“Yes, but I’d need a ride.” – me“You have it.” – Symetrie “What are the seat belt laws in this state?” – me“Put it on.” – GrayThe Meet & Greet ended at 10pm with the last few attendees walking out together, among them Inretrepida, Rough, myself, […]

Meet & Greet —

When I reached the top of the stairs and entered the restaurant’s second floor lounge, his back was to me. For a moment, I thought I shouldn’t immediately go up and say hi. He was, after all, working, and he seemed to be busy talking with Symetrie, a woman I briefly met at Shibaricon. But […]