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1.24.17 I Am Amy Santiago —

I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Here is a list why [(and also reasons you should binge it (If you start, you probably won’t stop. I got through all four seasons in about three weeks.)]: 1) Representation The casting is fucking awesome. The two people in the most senior positions are black men, one of whom is […]

1.22.17 Fangirling —

[SPOILERS TO FOLLOW] (You have been warned.) Today I randomly binged watched the first seven episodes of Sense8. Holy shit! First off, I have to thank my friends for warning me about the first few episodes. Nomi’s story line is dark and jarring and, for some, downright triggering. But, and this is a huge but, […]

Gasland: America’s Inconvient Natural Gas Truth —

I know it’s been almost a month since I last posted, but this topic is so important I let go of my petty little life problems and sat down to write about it.  If you are subscribed to HBO, record and watch Gasland.  If you’re not, find a friend who is.  This is a story […]