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Another One —

~ Sunday afternoon at The Floating World ~I first noticed him during a class. He sat a few rows behind me. I happened to turn around and glance towards him. I first saw his boots. And then, slowly, up trailed my eyes, taking in the head-to-toe leather. Finally I saw the soft smile on his […]

A Prickly Affair —

~ Sunday night at The Floating World ~I saw him walking through the Dungeon dragging his kit behind him. I popped up from the floor, leaving my things behind, and walked towards him.He looked left, outstretched his arm, and extended his index finger towards me.“Well, I guess I’m getting needles then.” Amethyst followed close behind […]

On Top —

~ Friday night at The Floating World ~“I don’t know which I like better: sucking your tongue or sucking your cock.” – D3“Good thing you don’t have to choose.” – me“Good answer.” – D3I felt powerful. I was in control. Not only was I the Top, I was the Domme. It was… amazing.I was nervous, […]

Two States Away —

I saw my Ex at The Floating World.I looked about one hundred feet across the playspace, near its entrance, and there he was. I instantly recognized the brown skin, bald head, and stocky build.I immediately turned around.For good measure, I looked again. Yup, it was him. I turned back around.I followed a friend outside and […]

Stupid —

Boys are stupid.  Boys. Are. Stupid. But if I keep giving boys second and third and twenty-sixth chances, I think that makes me stupid too. It doesn’t take much to placate me. The occasional call or text. A conversation. An acknowledgement that both you and I are still alive. Really, not much. Honesty, respect, simple […]