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All Wound Up: Play —

End My outfit for the night: my black wrap dress, my red nighty underneath, some chainmail, and my boots. We arrived for the party at 9:15pm. Instead of being bubbly and happy, as I was earlier that day, I was nervous. But, for me, this was par for the course. We showed our registration chains […]

All Wound Up: Office Hours —

Middle Since DeepEnd wanted more practice, I laid out our blanket, took off my shoes, socks, and skirt, and asked what he wanted to go over. He said he wanted to practice Gray’s Tie Em Up & Fuck Em harness. I asked him if he remembered the three steps. He said he did, but I […]

All Wound Up: Classes —

Beginning My alarm was set for 4:30am, but my body decided to wake me at 3:30. I laid in bed, trying to snooze, but with little success. Slut laid next to me, out like a light. Occasionally she rolled over, and hugged and cuddled me in her sleep. Five minutes later, she’d roll back. Not […]