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Grue-p Dynamics —

Ok, looks like we will have room for you. πŸ™‚It felt like an enclave. No, a kinky commune. No, a kinky family reunion. We woke up together. Got ready at the same time. Drank our respective morning drinks. Shoveled loads of food and supplies into cars. Carpooled to our destination. Worked together to make the […]

Yearn —

Attention and affection; two simple concepts, yet it has taken me time and thoughtful introspection to realize they are the two major necessities I need in a relationship. I want a partner who will spend time with me. Not around me, but with me. I need simple attention: a meal where we bitch about our […]

Wavelength —

“Your brain is unlike any I’ve seen before.” I laid on a table in the middle of a study, head tied down so I would not move. TwistedView loomed over me as Neuromancer sat by his computer, watching as the data came in. An EEG helmet rested against my skin, multiple points touching through my […]

Also Missed —

“I’m leaving.”“When?”“Like, right now.” He was pissed. He was really pissed. He stood up and started punching my chest. For a moment I wondered if my missed playdate with TwistedView would happen right there. As I back peddled, somehow Murphy added into the mix, suggesting he could punch my back while TwistedView attacked my front. […]

Poetic’s Class —

“Is there anything else you could use to wet the cigar?”“Why yes, there is.” It had been on my mind for quite some time. Would I? Could I? Should I? I’d even thought of a fun name, spunky and cute, yah know like me. But then came the nerves. The self doubt.I’ll just be a […]

Top Of The Roller Coaster —

Since it was to be a day of back-to-back classes, I dressed as School Gir: green Gir collared t-shirt with a tie, Gir hot pants, my Zim jacket, my Gir lanyard, a pair of black thigh high socks, and my black Vans. Heading down stairs, I was more than excited. It felt like I was […]