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Crushed —

Subtitle: Poetic is being emo again. I first felt it when she flung her glasses open before putting them on like two weeks ago. It was just something in the dorkiness mixed with snark that was just… Yup, I have a crush again. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a new crush. […]

What Happened to the F in the Acronym? —

When I first griped his dick, I knew the sex would be good. His dick looked average when he sent me short videos of him jacking off over Instagram. Still, he drove nearly an hour and a half just to come see me. I was going to fuck him, no matter how tired I was […]

Attention —

I want it.  I. Want. It. I’m on three different dating apps swiping right on so many people because I want their time, their dick, and their attention. I will text previous hookups just for their replies and some possible sexy conversation because I like the attention. Each interaction, each picture or message, is a […]

Hey Doc —

My new job is hard. Like dumb hard. Like, you don’t realize how difficult it’s going to be as an intern until you are crying in the bathroom after your shift sobbing, “I will get better at this. I will get better at this.”  And yet, it happened once during my first rotation. At least […]

Thanks For The Blanket —

~a whimsical poem~ I fuck on the blanket you gave me. I sleep under it naked, too. It’s super comfy;  I’m surprised you gave it up so easily. Tossed it to me like it was nothing.  You were moving.  We all were.  I guess it was lost in the shuffle of your new life. I […]

Our Last Fuck —

“To be frank, I can’t make anymore promises regarding our sessions…Will you promise to at the very least keep in touch?”“Yes, we can keep in touch…”“…I will also say I’m a little salty you didn’t write about our last session…God, the sexist thing about you is how you maneuver the English language…” I didn’t know […]

Warm Up —

(Originally this blog was going to be titled Rotation Stagnation, but those early morning Sunday texts keep coming through for me.) Bacon and I have been trying to meetup for maybe a year. Schedules conflicted and limited availability made it take so long. But Twitter, timing, and proximity finally paid off. He tweeted he was […]

Doing Better —

Gent wants us to be better friends to each other. Gent values the ten years we’ve been a part of each other’s lives more than his current new relationship. Gent won’t date me. The power imbalance between us, his knowing how much I want to please him, doesn’t sit right with him. He thinks we […]

Birthday Sex —

“I’ve had my dick inside your asshole. I can watch you pee.” Kourt came by to see me for my birthday. We couldn’t arrange anything for the actual day of because of work but a few days after still worked. “Should I bring anything?”“Besides condoms… nope.” As it neared closer to his arrival time, I […]

Thirty-Seven Minutes —

I knew within thirty seconds of meeting Zee that I was not going to fuck him.  Zee is a lovely person. He has a great smile. He’s talkative. He has a generally happy disposition. But there was just something. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first, but I knew pretty much immediately […]