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Warm Up —

(Originally this blog was going to be titled Rotation Stagnation, but those early morning Sunday texts keep coming through for me.) Bacon and I have been trying to meetup for maybe a year. Schedules conflicted and limited availability made it take so long. But Twitter, timing, and proximity finally paid off. He tweeted he was […]

Doing Better —

Gent wants us to be better friends to each other. Gent values the ten years we’ve been a part of each other’s lives more than his current new relationship. Gent won’t date me. The power imbalance between us, his knowing how much I want to please him, doesn’t sit right with him. He thinks we […]

Birthday Sex —

“I’ve had my dick inside your asshole. I can watch you pee.” Kourt came by to see me for my birthday. We couldn’t arrange anything for the actual day of because of work but a few days after still worked. “Should I bring anything?”“Besides condoms… nope.” As it neared closer to his arrival time, I […]

Thirty-Seven Minutes —

I knew within thirty seconds of meeting Zee that I was not going to fuck him.  Zee is a lovely person. He has a great smile. He’s talkative. He has a generally happy disposition. But there was just something. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first, but I knew pretty much immediately […]

Kourt —

Subtitle: Best Tinder Date Ever 10:30am-4pm We spent five and half hours with each other (minus the thirty minutes to get back to my apartment), yet it seemed to fly by. Yes, I liked him from the start. I met Kourt at a Starbucks that was halfway between his place and mine. I wasn’t sure […]

TK —

TK was super cute and super nerdy. He just left. My nipples are sore. I am smiling. TK was a Tinder date. He has four cats at home, therefore I will NEVER go to his house. I invited him over to my place with the caveat that we weren’t going to have sex. Cuddles? Sure. […]

Dre —

Dating Apps Lesson #1: Men lie on their profiles. Dre was short. This man had the gall to list himself as 5’9” when I was taller than him. And no, I was not in heals. Dre was moderately attractive, solid 7/10. He was short and skinny and fit, and if I were three inches shorter […]

Home —

I’m back home. Well, in a new home, but I’m back in my old stomping grounds all the same. Matching into a residency where my family and friends are minutes, not hours, away is giving me hope that I can make it through my training with some modicum of sanity left. Residency is hard no […]

Weird Ass Dream —

I had this weird ass dream about a month ago. It was right before a visit home. The imagery was so vivid, and the scenario so odd, that as soon as I woke up I took out my phone and starting writing. I documented the experience originally on Twitter. This is a transcript of the thread. […]

Unfair Value —

~ just thinking out loud for a bit ~ I didn’t feel wanted, valued, until I started fucking. Yes, I am smart, but too much of societal training had ingrained in me that my worth must be centered around how men viewed me. Mind you, I’m pansexual, so yes this is especially fucked up. When […]