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5.9.2020 Yearning —

Yearning.  I wake up with it, walk around all day with it, live in it, hate it, feed on it, and go to sleep with it lingering on my body and in my mind. I imagine you slipping behind me as I’m sitting on the floor studying.  You sit down, legs astride mine. Chest against […]

The Letter Not Sent —

Dear Brain Twin,             You will never read this.              I’m writing this letter because it is a way for me to get these thoughts and feelings out of my head without ruining our friendship.             I like you.              No, I more than like you.              I’ve more than liked you since the second […]

Three and a Half —

Three and a half.  I found three and a half grey pubic hairs. I am offended. I had previously seen one grey pubic hair before.  Ever time it emerged, I plucked it and tried to forget its existence. Recently, I had not been trimming my pubic hair.  People do random things to amuse themselves while […]

This Is A Boring Post —

I am so grateful to not have a roommate right now.  Yes, I miss human contact almost every moment of every day of this current health emergency, but both the individuals that I have lived with in my two previous years of medical school would have driven me up the fucking wall by now. As […]

3.23.2020 That Good —

~ a Daveed Diggs drabble ~ I returned home from yet another twelve hours shift, feet aching, and ended up nearly collapsing at his feet on the floor as he sat on our couch. “Rough day,” Daveed asked. “Two deliveries, plus an emergency C-section. Very. Busy.” I leaned my head against his knees, eyes closed, […]

3.22.2020 The World Turned Upside Down —

What a difference a month makes. I’ve been (mostly) by myself in my apartment since I got back from an away rotation out-of-state at a large medical center.  The only time I’ve been around people in this past week was on three specific occasions. Once, a friend brought me candy.  She went for a quick […]

Almost Goodbye —

I saw BrainTwin in the library randomly. My Surgery rotation midterm was today. I passed it. It was ugly, but I passed it. I wanted to get some more studying in afterwards, so I headed to the library. I ended up in the middle of a crowd of happy fourth years, smiling and taking photos. […]

Absence & Abundance —

I ran home. I ran home as fast as I could because being in medical school hundreds of miles away is so fucking hard. And for my efforts, I was rewarded. The unexpected long weekend home coincided with an event my friends ran, and a lovely time I did have.  One of my new kink […]

Good Kisser —

~ a Gent moment ~ “I’m really good at it.” “What?” “Kissing. That’s why I was asking back there why you don’t. Might have something to do with the tongue ring. Or the oral fixation. Or really both. But it’s a shame you’ll never get to experience it.” “Totally. Such a shame.” I missed this […]

So Fucking Capable —

~ a rant ~ I hate being so fucking capable, so dependable, so able to do it on my own. I don’t want to have to fucking do it in my own all the time. I want help. I want someone by my side to make the shit easier. Or, at the very least, feel […]