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Weird Ass Dream —

I had this weird ass dream about a month ago. It was right before a visit home. The imagery was so vivid, and the scenario so odd, that as soon as I woke up I took out my phone and starting writing. I documented the experience originally on Twitter. This is a transcript of the thread. […]

Unfair Value —

~ just thinking out loud for a bit ~ I didn’t feel wanted, valued, until I started fucking. Yes, I am smart, but too much of societal training had ingrained in me that my worth must be centered around how men viewed me. Mind you, I’m pansexual, so yes this is especially fucked up. When […]

How Is Your Heart Today? —

~ a fictional thought exercise ~ How is your heart today? Burdened. How so? Please, elaborate. Okay, it’s like this. I feel too much. I remember and I feel and I confuse what was with what is and what could be. And then my mind starts spinning out numerous scenarios trying to game out what […]

Ten Days —

Friday April 9th I drove back home. I had planned to leave at stupid o’clock in the morning, but I didn’t end up leaving until 9am. The delay of fours hour made it so I could mail in my application for a medical training license while in town, though, so it was worth the wait. […]

Frustration —

Do my pops of color fit into the grey scale of your life? Do you want me? Not just my body; you’ve had that many wonderous ways. Do you want me? My brain and my body and my being. Do you see me fitting together in some shape or manner with the puzzle pieces that […]

Hungry —

~ a fantasy ~ I roused to her gurgles over the monitor, some of the most beautiful sounds I’d ever heard. The normally harsh light of the winter morning was dampened by thick curtains newly hanged in our bedroom. His heat warmed my back, his left arm slung over my side, his hand gripped my […]

Honest Tinder Profiles —

My ass is fatMy pussy’s wetThick thighs save livesEight inches? Bet. ~ WAP in search of cock that can last half the night and won’t make me sleep in the wet spot.Can live with parents/roommates as long as I never have to hear or see them.Warning: I scream during sex and I am LOUD.Dick pics […]

I Want —

I want time.                Someone who kisses me, long and slow, makes it seem like we could do this for hours…                because we could. I want control.                A hand in my hair, gripping hard, pulling back my head and then biting my neck. I want comfort.                Hands held at night as we drift to sleep.                Starting […]

Friends —

Sex is not love; but we are really REALLY good at fucking. He laid naked on the bed, hard and waiting, the literal embodiment of my wet dreams.  I was so incredibly wet.  I didn’t masturbate this morning, wanting (if we were to actually fuck) to feel everything.  And I felt everything.  I came at […]

Sneaky —

I was selfish.  I was lonely.  I was horny. I had plenty of justifications and reasons for doing it, even though I know I shouldn’t have. I ran home the last weekend in September. I didn’t tell many people I was coming because I knew I couldn’t see all the people I really wanted to […]