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5.15.18 PMS is an asshole —

~ a poem ~ Every month, without fail, it happens. I’ll find myself in my closet, or in my bathroom, or on my bed crying. My mind will be saying the worst possible things about me, worse than what anyone has ever said to my face. (We all know those parts of ourselves, the exact […]

4.29.18 If —

~ a poem ~ I’d come home to see you every two weeks, no excuses. I’m not made of money, so we’d go havsies on a plane ticket for the odd visits, and I’d drive for the even ones. My grades would not be allowed to suffer. Anything less than a 75% on an Exam […]

4.20.17 When I Was Seven —

~ a poem ~ When I was seven I had a pink notebook, even though I hated the color pink, and still hate the color pink, but I remember the Pepto Bismol pages as if I still held them in my hands. When I was seven I had a pink notebook, and in it I […]

4.7.17 Triad_02 —

~ a story, in many parts ~ To feel the pull of destiny is to stop dead in your tracks, to have the world melt away into instinct and need. To understand our love, and our lives, is to know magic beyond even our comprehension. ~ It was a warm May day when Edwin and […]

3.18.17 Triad_01 —

~ a story, in many parts ~ We fit together, three souls connected, entwined by magic, four hearts beating between us. We are destined to live, love, die, and live once more, finding each other over and over and over again. ~ I eased the door closed and stripped down to my underwear before crawling […]

3.1.17 Same Old Heartache —

~ a poem ~   It feels like Spring, the season where my loneliness blooms. Each year, without fail, I get an ache in my body, a desire for a warm someone and a little heart beating in my belly. Today I let my mind slip away, dreaming of a life that could happen. Our […]

2.14 Long Overdue —

Apologies for the delay in posting this. Here is my Gender Studies 101 paper in which I analyze the portrayal of gender in Hamilton: An American Musical. This is my paper in full, including the works cited page, and my typos; as a reminder, because I am a nerd, I earned an A. I figured, for a […]

2.2 Because The Internet —

~ a poem ~ Can music make love to you? Fuck you through the speaker? Caress you via sound waves? When I listen to him, I feel his hands on me, his lips on mine, his dick inside of me. We modulate rough or slow, sensuous and deep, fast and frenetic based on the song. […]

2.1.17 That Boy —

~ a poem ~ I still remember a lot of things about that boy. His ass. My god his ass. He was in the best shape, and he had an ass I wanted to bite. But he wasn’t into that, though. The sex, when we had it, was amazing. We fucked on the floor, on […]

1.27.17 A Single Girl’s Lament —

~ a poem ~ Every time I see them on the street, or when they get into my car, I wonder: How did they do it? How did they meet? Do they get along? Are they secretly at each other’s throats? Or are they actually happy? Couples baffle me. Looking back on my love life, […]