the life and musings of a kinky slut

Poetic’s Class List

Do you want me to come present for you? Below are classes I love to teach and a brief explanation of each.  Please send class requests via email: poetic.is.crafty@gmail.com


Bootblacking 101

What is bootblacking?  How does it relate to me and my play?  How do I get started?

During the first half of class, I go over the different types of leather, all supplies needed, and give a step-by-step demonstration. During the second half, I open up my kit for everyone to practice blacking while I guide you and answer questions.

At the end of class, all participants will know, at minimum, how to black a pair of boots. Though I will bring extra, PLEASE bring leather to black.


Cigar Play 101

Taught from the bottom’s perspective, I go over the basics of cigar play and give ideas for incorporating this kink into your other play.

This class includes information on service, sensation, sadistic and sexual cigar play, as well as tips for those with asthma and non-smokers.

This presentation includes class participation (bring your sticks if you have them, if not I will have a supply to hand out) as well as demonstrations.


Fingering 401: Fisting Is Fun

It started as something fun I’d try with my partner every Sunday. And now, seven years later, fisting has become my primary sex act. The joke goes that I have a TARDIS cunt (it’s bigger on the inside).

There are myths around fisting, the act, and who can or cannot be fisted. I’ve encountered people with genuine fears of hurting themselves or others. I teach this class as a service to the community, to spread the joy of senior level fingering to all who wish to fuck like a rockstar. After all, a hand is always erect.

In this session, I draw from my own experiences to give practical tips and tricks to help any and everyone try or improve their fisting.

I go over some of the myths, debunking what you may have assumed through porn or anecdotes. I include strategies for fun, as well as tips before, during, and after your sexy time.

And, as a part of the presentation, I will be fisted for everyone to see and ask questions about and during the act.


Pull Harder Please: Playing with Hair

Does the person you’re playing with know how to handle your strands without harming your mane? In this class, we discuss different types of hair, negotiating how to play with it, and suggestions for how to incorporate hair into all types and styles of play. There will be in class demonstrations as well as audience practice time. From sex to rough body play to connective D/s, let us all have fun playing with hair.

Dirty Talk Boot Camp

“Talk dirty to me.”

Whether it’s asked of us or we’ve asked it of another, opening our mouths to speak during the most intense of situations can be scary, frustrating, embarrassing, or just plain difficult. In this class, we go over some easy tricks to help in the moment, exercises that will help you practice beforehand, and hopefully have lots of fun making each other giggle. This is a participation oriented class.

D/s Fishbowl

Has there ever been a question that you needed, or wanted, to ask concerning a power exchange dynamic that you couldn’t? Maybe you felt awkward, or the question being asked was difficult, or could be seen as disrespectful because of your dynamic or simple politeness.

The D/s fishbowl creates a place for all levels of power dynamic to ask questions to one another through a veil of anonymity.

Participants separate into three groups: Dominants, Submissives, and Switches. Each group writes down questions for the other groups.

Questions are answered when each group gathers separately in the middle of the room, the fishbowl, only speaking to one another. As each group answers their questions, the other two groups may only listen.

Come learn the answer to that burning question, and hear the perspectives of others who play with or live in power exchange dynamics.

Own Your Shit: Negotiating Aftercare

We, as a community, preach communication. Negotiate your scene wishes. Explain your boundaries. Use your safeword.  But there is less emphasis on aftercare, negotiating it, and expressing your needs in this context. It is important to know what you need after a scene just as much as during a scene. It’s also important to equip yourself with the tools for talking about what you need to come back from the fun/happy or dark/scary place.

In this class, we talk about aftercare: what it is, different types, what you may need, and how to go about explaining your wants and needs to a scene partner.

This is a discussion based class; participation is encouraged and very much appreciated.