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I feel blessed as of late with warmth and love from my family.

On Friday, I attended the wedding of my cousin. 

In a sad twist of irony and life and death, my cousin read my mother’s obituary at her funeral and then I read the obituary for my cousin’s mother at that funeral. We both lost our mothers to start this year.

2023 has not always been kind, but on Friday night we were given a reprieve. 

My new cousin-in-law, her new husband, stole the show during the wedding ceremony with his vows. As he took out his three pages of remarks, there were audible moans and groans but also laughter and quizzical huh’s. What had we gotten ourselves into? 

After his words, there was not a dry eye in the room. He was thoughtful, sincere, anchored in faith and caring, and touching on their beautiful love and love story. You see, both my cousin and her new husband had previously been married and had children from these relationships. They found each other, bonded and blended, their families into one. Their kids were a part of the affair, assisting with the rings and the bouquet. So much love across so many smiling faces. 

My cousin’s response, after her soon-to-be husband’s words: “How am I suppose to top that?” My cousin’s vows were lighthearted and genuine, bringing levity to the moment. They are a good match, balancing each other well. 

After the ceremony, there were drinks, dinner and dancing. Smiles and pictures. And so much happiness. After the sadness of the beginning of the year, we all could use that joy Friday night. 

This Sunday afternoon, my sister called me. She has now made it a habit of giving me a ring once a month. She is older, in her late 60s. I confess, I look forward to these calls more than I realize. 

Having lost my mother and my father, and not always feeling close to my brothers, my sister has inadvertently been filling a part of my heart that has been left wanting. 

We don’t talk about much important: How is residency going? Any plans for more trips? When will we possibly get together again? 

This month I was actually able to give her advice about New York City and Broadway in an effort to aid her with an upcoming visit from her cousins. I was more than happy to share my opinions on shows and recommend a restaurant and wish her a good time on their visit. 

So simple, these moments, yet in the remembering they are really the world.

I guess it is because she is older, and at times reminds me of family members now gone, that I so cherish hearing my sister’s voice and getting to talk to her, and feeling that familial love. 

It’s nothing like sadness, death, and grief to make you appreciate the little moments you get with those you still have here.

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