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The Rules —

So, what’s allowed? Is anything allowed? Us, this close? The smell of your colon And the sound of your breath Clouding my senses.  Your legs brushing against mine Too many times for it to be accidental. Is that allowed? Can you caress my hair? Grip it at the root,  Pull me in close. What about […]

Summer —

~ a poem ~Everything about him sparked somethingdeepin me. One summer, on a warm weekend (almost) night,with the smoke from the grill scenting the air,and the boom box busting lyricsI’ve known but heart since middle school,raising everyone up on their feet. The sway of my family, a gaggle of my cousins,only a few by blood,and […]

Grasping Onto Friendship —

I’ve been feeling introspective as of late. We are in the phase of studying for our big test where we are on our own. Decide your own schedule, completely free. With this freedom comes the same old emotional demons I’ve been wrestling with since practically conception. Am I good enough? Will I succeed? Discounting my […]

Two Poems, Same Boy —

Brain Twin was on my mind tonight.He randomly called me for some advice.I guess this means we are friends.But any interaction with him has me alltwitterpated as of late. So, poetry. [NOTE: They are in picture form because WordPress doesn’t respect my tabs.]~ ~

Another one bites the dust —

He said he’s thinking about getting back with his old girlfriend. His playful middle school banter, as of late, wasn’t flirting. Once again, I feel like shit for hoping for something that’s not gonna happen. I’m glad I set up a counseling session before today. I was already feeling stress from school. Add on the […]

Brain Twin —

I met my brain twin.I really really like him.He’s cute, funny, fun,                 and with someone else. I met my brain twin.We got to laughing,                 and being nerdy and cute. He is my tu-tor. I met my brain twin.I really like him.But this keeps happening.                 They never like me back. I met my […]

Delayed Dick Report —

Subtitle: Three Dicks, Three Fists, and Two Cups of Tea This dick report is far overdue, seeing as I’ve been back at school for two months, but later is better than never. ~ Doug tea I knew I should’ve warned Doug that I was sick before I arrived in town, but I was selfish.  I […]

Small Moments —

So, I know that I’ve lost weight since starting medical school.  This was by design.  After our month long summer introductory session, I weighed myself. The reading was the heaviest in my life.  A combination of long nights studying and a lack of diet control pushed me to gain those few pounds.  Thankfully, my overpriced […]

Cute Stupid Moment —

I want him to kiss me. I want him to randomly show up while I’m studying, come over to my table, pull back my chair, and kiss me. He has to be the aggressor.  I tutor him.  I can’t cross that boundary. And I SO want him to cross that boundary. Lately, I’ve been trying […]

Thirsty —

Lately I’ve been… distracted. I sit in class, learning about the wonders of the human body, only to suddenly and spontaneously be mentally taken away. A bitch is thirsty.  I haven’t had sex since Gent and I last fucked, and the prospects of your girl getting any keep dwindling. My brain, in an effort to […]