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Daddy’s Good Girl

Episode #24 RambleGrue, Baltimore Grue, and more

This is my second podcast with other people in it. Five friends joined me after our Baltimore Grue to talk events, communities, rope, and more.

Time Jumps

0:00 Intro and Introductions
1:00 Alternative Consent Models
5:00 Law of Two Feet
8:05 Poly Self Awareness
10:45 Antisocial Elitism
11:15 Great community or great people?
19:20 Australia Grue
20:40 RambleGrue
27:40 Did you play?
31:25 In praise of Charm City Play Space
35:00 Boobs and Ass and Kinky Douchebags
38:30 Other upcoming fun things
40:10 My friend Feenix
41:10 Exhaustion
42:10 Rope classes, the amazing and the awful
54:00 Bacon and wrap up



Episode#23 Fusion 2015

A recounting of my Fusion adventure this year. Enjoy…

Time Jumps

0:00 Intro and disclaimer
0:55 Upcoming Events
2:35 NerdGirl Update
4:30 Fusion recap begins
6:00 Gratefulness Journal
7:00 Wednesday
8:15 Bootblacking Everywhere
9:10 Whiskey Ginger Sprite
9:40 Thursday; NerdGirl Masochist
11:00 Seattle Folk
11:50 Extreme-itorium
12:40 Invest in an Umbrella
13:35 Friday; Sybian Ride
16:40 Happy Hour Farewell
17:25 Blues Dance
19:00 Double Trouble
20:00 Saturday; Mother Nature
22:30 Bridge & Tunneling
25:50 Sunday Pampering
27:00 Queer Glitter Orgy
30:05 Birthday Scene
31:00 Vigil
32:00 Dirty Pig
34:25 CBC
36:45 Cocoa on Oink’s Porch
38:00 Wrap Up


And as an extra bonus… (recorded at the Pittsburgh Grue)



Episode#22 Grue-pie Chat

In this latest podcast, I am joined for the first time by my mutual Grue-pies, IPCookieMonster and Evan. We chatted in the car on the way home from the Carolina Grue this past weekend.

WARNING: Set your volume low to start. We all were still high from our adventure and spoke quite loudly.

Time Jumps

0:00 Jumping right in

1:07 Cookie’s Rope Bottoming Class

5:47 The Fishbowl

10:18 What is Dominance? (aka Can Domming be a verb?)

15:57 Beyond 24/7?

21:24 Dinner break

23:08 Metal sex

28:27 I’m not romantic

31:15 What’s a Grue-pie?

33:05 Why Cookie’s a Grue-pie

39:44 Why Evan’s a Grue-pie

42:28 Why Cookie’s a Grue-pie (part II)

45:37 Why I’m a Grue-pie

47:40 Wrap up



Episode #21: Sexy Shameless Plugs


Happy to be back with my first podcast in quite some time. I think the result is well worth the wait. Time jumps listed below…

0:00 Over 18 disclaimer and intro music

0:50 Long time no podcast

1:40 Seattle Grue

3:00 RambleGrue

4:05 DO Surrender

5:00 Random back pedally moment

6:05 Brain Lingerie

9:30 Speak



Episode #20:


The reason for my long absence and how I’ve gotten through a rather difficult time in my life, with some orgasms and adventures thrown in.


Time Jumps (with fun links included)

1:07 Why I’ve been gone

4:46 the myth of the uber kinkster & uber poly girl

6:22 hook pulls

8:13 soothing activities

8:44 body painting

(1) (2) (3) & (4)

10:33 spinning poi

11:23 music

– My latest songs on repeat I Love This Shit & All The Time & Somebody Else

12:53 allowing myself to feel

14:06 the jealousy myth

16:26 allowing myself to grieve

17:40 vulnerability

18:54 allowing myself to orgasm

20:21 feeling joy again: my fisting at the queer orgy

22:08 my ‘come to Jesus’ cum: my first sybian ride

24:38 permission to be happy

25:17 time

27:00 wrap up

RopenSpace Pittsburgh, Eroticon, DO: Surrender & DC Grue



Episode #19:

The final installment of my Fusion adventure.

Picture Links

Pose #1
Pose #2

Time Jumps

1:40 Tradition
2:24 Uncensored Improv Games
3:26 Kinky Life Drawing
6:00 Humiliation
8:17 Bare Stories
10:37 Back Patch
11:27 CBC
13:40 In Demand
15:27 Stefanos
16:44 Another Rain Check
18:10 Wrap Up



Episode #18:

Inspired by a tweet from @dirtylola, I spend an episode on some thoughts about love.

Relevant Links

Website for the quiz

Time Jumps

1:30 Inspiration
2:39 Background
3:50 The 5 Love Languages
4:16 The Quiz
6:43 My Results
7:40 Touch
10:25 Acts of Service
11:30 Quality Time
12:24 Reflections on Time
17:50 Wrap Up



Episode #17:

My fantasy, my moments, and my new reality. The conclusion of my Dirty Pig experience.

Time Jumps

1:26 Prep for my fantasy
2:40-5:18 TMI break: Grue Pitt 3 conversation – How to hack a period
5:18 Props and planning
6:23 Words of encouragement
7:43 Setting the stage
8:43 The performance
13:30 Aftercare
14:39 Tifereth’s fantasy
15:54 The lull before the results
17:06 The winner is…
19:03 A perfect moment
21:26 Congratulations
21:59 Stefanos and space
23:13 The rest of my night
24:10 Rough realization
26:23 Reflection


Episode #16:

Nerves, answering a question, bribes, and all the people who helped me. Part one of my competition experience.

Time Jumps
1:23 Nerves
3:40 Secret Weapons
6:27 Gray, judge and Sempai
8:59 The Rules
12:19 The show begins
12:54 Introductions
13:57 Pig #5
15:35 Combination Bribe
17:05 Sexy Skin
18:59 Pop Question cock tease
21:09 My Answer
24:17 My well framed ass

Episode #15:

The pitter patter of rain fills the background as I chat more about my Fusion adventure (during a break in the middle of my Rope Camp).

Time Jumps

1:30 Boymeat
5:29 Handfasting
7:20 Rope with Bear (and a special appearance)
10:03 Cigar Lesson
11:14 Paying Dearly (canes with Gray & Rough)
19:42 Warrior Kitten Memorial
20:19 Poi Time
22:00 My first bootblack shift
23:38 Protocol Training with Shay & Stefanos
24:35 Doug, the Dragon Girl, and our bootblack orgy


Episode #14:

Playdate with the Pros, D3, Bastinato, and a few fun moments in between.

Time Jumps

1:35 Playdate with the Pros
3:48 a beer odyssey
4:43 Poetic, the tour guide
7:20 Waffle House
10:05 D3 and his hotel room
14:08 Carol Queen and Robert
[14:28-15:02 podcastus interuptus]
15:43 Bastinato
19:50 Jon’s boots
20:37 DM Training
23:34 Black Beard’s leathers
24:07 teaser

Episode #13:

Part Two of my Fusion adventure: snoozing with Stefanos, demo-ing for classes, seeing a person I care about, and the hotness that is Boymeat.

Time jumps:

2:00 a text from Stefanos

5:05 talking about Dirty Pig

6:45 Rough’s Breath Play class

9:09 Gray’s Basic Suspension class

14:25 Pig #6

16:25 D3

18:23 Boymeat

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