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In Other News —

So, anybody read the paper or watched the news lately?  Because if you haven’t, you’ve been missing out on “Armageddon” and “Waterloo” NOT occurring.  What did happen was the President saw the center piece of his political agenda get passed, and people scared to death by the Republican Party started acting crazy.  A few ‘for instances’:1) Rep. Barney Frank being […]

Politics & Prom Part II —

The ACLU is suing the Mississippi school board to reinstate the prom, saying now that the dance was taken away from the entire school, they must fight for the rights of all the students to have their senior prom. LINK: ACLU files suit against Mississippi school for canceling prom This case has stuck with me […]

Politics & Prom —

I just finished reading an article on USAToday about an 18 year old Mississippi lesbian who, after being denied the right to bring her girlfriend to prom, contacted her ACLU chapter for help, only for the school board to find the pussy/asshole way around the situation: they canceled the prom for the school and suggested […]

Metro Moment —

Today I witnessed my first crime in progress. Actually witnessed might be too strong a term. I saw the direct aftermath of someone’s really bad day. I sat on the Red Line around 1pm, reading a submission for Writers’ Group, when I heard a young woman a few rows behind me yell, “Hey!” The warning […]