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2.1.17 That Boy —

~ a poem ~ I still remember a lot of things about that boy. His ass. My god his ass. He was in the best shape, and he had an ass I wanted to bite. But he wasn’t into that, though. The sex, when we had it, was amazing. We fucked on the floor, on […]

1.26.17 Napping Failure —

~ a poem ~ Lying in bed, mind racing, worrying about work; napping failure. Thoughts drift aimlessly; trying to quiet my mind, I turn to dark dreams. My fantasy: their lips on my naked body, their hands everywhere. Dirty talk, requests and demands. I oblige all. I am their fuck toy. They fill me, push […]

1.12.17 My Sense Of You —

~ a poem ~ You smell like oranges, rinds ripped, zest tingling, bright and peppy and alive. You taste like candy, savory and sweet; I wanna gobble you up. You sound like sex, but, then again, you always do, whether it’s your moaning now or the way you pronounce my name. You feel like heaven […]

1.11.17 I Miss You —

~ a poem ~ Your hair is shorter. I guess you got it cut this past weekend. Before your bangs shaded your eyes. Now I see them as you pass by. You never look at me in the halls. You don’t really look at anyone, actually, but it feels like you’re intentionally not looking at […]