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Intentions —

Alone I am alone. The current state of our world necessitated canceling my vacation plans. I have a week to do as I please, but currently, really, I have nothing big to do. I am broke. The computer I am, right now, typing on took away all of my money until I get my next […]

Friends with Strangers —

~ New Year’s Eve ~ I knew I would be ovulating during the New Year’s holiday which meant I knew I would be horny all the time. I would wake up horny. I would walk around horny. It was just going to be my existence for a few days.  Best friend stayed at my place […]

Best Friend, Not Boyfriend —

~ Thu Dec 30th ~ I don’t want to fuck my best friend.  We have been friends for literally half of our lives. We have each gone through a lot of shit, both together and separately. I value having him in my life. We have this loose maybe promise that if neither of us is […]