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1.27.17 A Single Girl’s Lament —

~ a poem ~ Every time I see them on the street, or when they get into my car, I wonder: How did they do it? How did they meet? Do they get along? Are they secretly at each other’s throats? Or are they actually happy? Couples baffle me. Looking back on my love life, […]

1.26.17 Napping Failure —

~ a poem ~ Lying in bed, mind racing, worrying about work; napping failure. Thoughts drift aimlessly; trying to quiet my mind, I turn to dark dreams. My fantasy: their lips on my naked body, their hands everywhere. Dirty talk, requests and demands. I oblige all. I am their fuck toy. They fill me, push […]

1.25.17 Random Blackness —

– Today I started binge-ing A Different World, beginning at Season 2. It is still fabulous. I am a lot like Freddie, so much so it almost hurts. Except she is way louder than I am. Everything that she says and feels lines up pretty close to my personality, but, like the Birdcage, I keep […]

1.24.17 I Am Amy Santiago —

I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Here is a list why [(and also reasons you should binge it (If you start, you probably won’t stop. I got through all four seasons in about three weeks.)]: 1) Representation The casting is fucking awesome. The two people in the most senior positions are black men, one of whom is […]

1.23.17 Go See Hidden Figures —

There is so much to love about this movie. First, it’s depictions of black excellence brought tears to my eyes. Educated brilliant black women were front and center of this movie. Their brains and grit pushed their lives forward, earning success for themselves and their country. Along with black excellence, the portrayals of black love […]

1.22.17 Fangirling —

[SPOILERS TO FOLLOW] (You have been warned.) Today I randomly binged watched the first seven episodes of Sense8. Holy shit! First off, I have to thank my friends for warning me about the first few episodes. Nomi’s story line is dark and jarring and, for some, downright triggering. But, and this is a huge but, […]

1.21.17 March —

From my bed, exhausted from a bit of a day, this is Poetic Desires. An estimated 500,000 to 750,000 people participated in the Women’s March in downtown Washington D.C. today to protest the election of the now 45th president. Among the assembled were advocates for Black Lives Matter, feminism, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ civil rights, undocumented […]

1.20.17 Faith —

On Friday, they prayed. On Saturday, they will march. And on Sunday, there will be acts of service. By a blessing of fortune, I ended up working on Inauguration Day setting up an event for a left leaning religious group. For about an hour or two, devoid of social media and people, I actually forgot […]

1.19.17 Stronger Together —

The crowd was slow to form tonight. At 7pm, there were only about a dozen people at Happy Hour. I wondered if the impending ceremony tomorrow had sadden regulars enough to not show up. It is precisely because of tomorrow that I arrived at Happy Hour at my usual time. I spent the first hour […]

1.18.17 In Another Universe 2 —

Live from Washington D.C., I’m Poetic Desires. President-elect Clinton and her aids continue to lay out their agenda plans for their incoming administration’s first 100 days. Commerce Secretary Elizabeth Warren, in a press conference following the Senate’s vote to confirm their former colleague, announced plans to greatly expand the United States’ use of solar energy. […]