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A Tour —

Before I even showed up In San Francisco, I already had plans. I knew there were two places I wanted to visit, Mr. S Leather & Wicked Grounds. These two stops would be easy, seeing as they are merely a block away from each other and only a mile and a half walk from the […]

IMsL, By The Numbers —

Outfits worn: 8 Hours slept: PLENTY Cliff bars consumed: 2 Bananas: 3 Chinese food: just once Bacon cheddar BBQ burger: just once Items purchased: 5 – Two rope books, a small flogger, a wrist cuff, & a silent auction Twisted Monk 50′ 8mm red hemp rope Items lost: 2 – my black hat & my […]

Flagging Starfucker —

I was given one star for every orgasm. To be fair, I had not kept count, guessing the number at above twelve but below thirty. Truth be told, it could’ve been over thirty considering how long we’d camped out in the swing, but eh… Our scene was about the fun of predicament bondage, fisting, vibrators, […]

The Journey Home —

My journey in rope has not always been easy. In fact, most times, it’s been downright brutal. Being around people who know so much more than me, have done it so much longer than I have, and all of them having such faith in me…It’s just so fucking intimidating. I’ve said it before: it often […]

Dropped —

Today was the best day. Today was the worst day. Being in San Francisco, on the left coast, attending an event with a different energy than I’m used to, has been challenging. The last time I was this nervous for an event was my first one. Today I felt like I was making strides. I […]