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Yearn —

Attention and affection; two simple concepts, yet it has taken me time and thoughtful introspection to realize they are the two major necessities I need in a relationship. I want a partner who will spend time with me. Not around me, but with me. I need simple attention: a meal where we bitch about our […]

Xavier —

~ erotica ~ “What are you looking for tonight?” He sat in seiza, black kimono and matching pants perfectly pressed, arranged just so. His face was plain. “Something different.” “I have rope. You have your body. From there where would you like to go?” “Hmm…” You could always find him in the same spot every […]

Wavelength —

“Your brain is unlike any I’ve seen before.” I laid on a table in the middle of a study, head tied down so I would not move. TwistedView loomed over me as Neuromancer sat by his computer, watching as the data came in. An EEG helmet rested against my skin, multiple points touching through my […]

Vixen —

Her tail hangs on the wall across from my bed. Her diadem lives in my bag of chainmail jewelry. Her boots, moccasin style, are occasionally worn without her preferred outfit: my black wrap dress. She is one of my alter egos, a persona I love to don when I’m feeling sexy yet playful. I sometimes […]

Until… —

My head throbbed. Pain pulsed from the base of my neck up into my brain, out through my eyes, around my forehead, and at my temples. It was a migraine, the first I’d had in years, and only the third in my life. “I’m feeling nauseous” turned into “You need to drive” in a matter […]

Talk —

~ a story ~ “Hi.”“Hey.” It was the same as it had been between them for some time now. Short. Curt. Never outright rude, but not warm either. Like any other day. Except today wasn’t any other day. He saw it. Normally there was a moment, a split second of eye contact, and then returning […]

Salivate —

~ erotica ~ He had a curious grin on his face. “Why are you smiling?”“Because it’s you. It’s actually you.”“You did read the model release form, correct?”“Yeah.”“And my name was on the letterhead.”“Yeah, but. You don’t think you’ll actually meet the head of the company on your first audition.” Another one, fresh from the farm, looking […]

Relaxed —

~ a story ~“So, how is he paying for this ride: cash, grass, or ass?”“The second option, actually.”“Oh.” I should not have been surprised. It was 4/20 after all. But it wasn’t until he answered my off-the-cuff question that I remembered the date and the preferred way many folks celebrated it. Still, the next few […]

e[lust] #45 —

Photo courtesy of CreativNooky Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #46? Start with the newly updated […]

Quarrelsome —

~ erotica ~ Our best fucks always happened after fights. We’d start off screaming about something in the living room and soon find ourselves naked in the bedroom, though often we didn’t get that far. Occasionally we’d begin ripping each others clothes off while still in the middle of the argument. Those were fun. Aggression […]